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ACTIV’INSIDE is a French creative company specialized in the development and commercialization of innovative botanical oral solution, with key factors of differentiation on the nutraceutical market. ACTIV’INSIDE is your expert in Saffron (Crocus sativus L.)  and Grape (Vitis vinifera L.)  raw material. The company valorizes saffron and grape health benefits by developing proprietary natural active solutions, based on strong scientific background and clinically proven efficacy.


ACTIV’INSIDE proposes 3 active solutions: MemophenolTM, for brain memory ; SkinAx2TM, for skin beauty ; Safr’InsideTM, for mood & emotional balance.


ACTIV’INSIDE is your partner in all your development projects: “We operate on the stages of Formulation, Development, Analysis, Regulatory framework as well as Labelling. Each product is thought to bring by science a differentiating communication on a given market". ACTIV'INSIDE offers solutions that meet all your needs, from natural plant extracts - from saffron, grapes but also from other raw materials - to the collaboration in the development of finished products and private labelling. The company has a range of products certified Organic, Halal and Kosher.



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What is a botanical extract ?

A botanical extract is obtained by a solid/liquid extraction. The term botanical extraction refers to a solvent (water, ethanol, acetone, hexane, ethyl acetate, etc.) used on a plant raw material. The solvent is then removed to obtain the dry extract which takes the form of a dry powder. This extraction can be followed by the purification of one or more components with botanical origin.

Plant extracts are used in many areas such as perfume, cosmetic, dietary supplement, pharmaceutical, food... In food supplement and pharmaceutical industries, botanical extracts are used for their active molecules such as polyphenols. In food industry, these extracts are recognized for other properties: color, aroma, taste, preservation, thickness…




ACTIV'INSIDE will be present at Vitafoods Europe 2018, from 15 to 17 may 2018, in Geneva. Come to visit us booth G55!



ACTIV'INSIDE presents at Engredea trade shown on SEPPIC booth, from 9 to 11 march 2018, in Anaheim, CA, USA (www.memophenol.com). 



What is MEMOPHENOLTM : discover the video on www.memophenol.com



ACTIV'INSIDE presents at Supply Side West 2017 on SEPPIC booth #N141, from 25 to 29 september 2017, in Las Vegas.




ACTIV'INSIDE presents at Vitafoods Asia 2017, from 5 to 6 september 2017, in Singapour. 



MEMOPHENOLTM mechanism of action on neurogenesis and synapse plasticity: identified, published and now available in VIDEO. See www.memophenol.com



ACTIV'INSIDE winner at NutraIngredients Awards 2017 with Memophenol, in Ingredient of the Year - Healthy ageing category, in association with Vitafoods Europe 2017. (www.memophenol.com). 



MEMOPHENOLTM launched in the US market during the Engredea trade show, from 9 to 12 march 2017, in Anaheim, CA, USA (www.memophenol.com). 


Formulated with SkinAx²TM, the turnkey solution Grape Expert Skin Radiance rewarded as winner of the CPG's Editors Choice Awards in the category Personal Care, organized during the Supply Side West (www.thegrapeexpert.com).




MEMOPHENOLTM rewarded at the French Innovation Corner contest in the category "Pharmaceutical Product" (www.memophenol.com).




ACTIV'INSIDE finalist at NutraIngrédients Awards 2016, in the Reader's Food Supplement of the year category, with the food supplement GRAPE EXPERT Skin Radiance (www.thegrapeexpert.com).












General sales conditions

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