Activ'Inside has a unique patented process for the obtaining of natural botanical extracts standardized in natural minerals1. This process relies on a technological innovation concentrating minerals naturally present in the extraction process water.

Developed extracts are naturally rich in a selected mineral allowing the use of generic health claims validated by EFSA.

Natural Mg Lemon Balm Inside is the first extract developed by Activ'Inside with this process. It is the only natural lemon balm extract titrated in magnesium which has EFSA generic health claim. The innovative patented process developed by Activ'Inside could be adapted to other minerals and plants than those currently implemented. Organic certified extracts are also available with this process.

New development projects, organic or not, are currently under consideration.


1. Activ'Inside, assignee. Extrait aqueux riche en minéraux naturels. France. Patent FR 2961379. 2011