Activ’Inside activity is focused on one expertise : the Botanical Innovation.

High added value ingredients are developed taking into account 5 essential criteria :

  • Scientific support : Active ingredients are developed on the basis of natural solutions that are scientifically proven to be effective.
  • Marketing trends : New ingredients are designed to fit with current trends in the market, reducing the risk and the time required to develop business. Activ’Inside provides innovative communication with ready to use consumer messages.
  • Raw materials selection : Raw materials are carefully selected from dedicated sources and varieties. They are fully traceable, environment friendly and rigorously analyzed to ensure the complete safety of the product.
  • Regulatory compliance : Ingredients are developed in compliance with regulation, combining innovative and approved claims.
  • Production facilities : Extracts are produced industrially. Amounts vary from 0.5 kg to several tons, in accordance with the most stringent standards in terms of quality and food safety.


Thanks to this expertise, Activ'Inside offers 3 solutions of innovations:

  • High quality botanical extracts : We offer a complete range of natural standardized extracts and totums including ingredients with Organic or Kosher certification.
  • Innovative health concepts : We provide ready-to-use formulations, supported by scientific publications on mechanism of action, bioavailability, clinical effectiveness and claims which have already received EFSA approval.
  • Development partnerships : We lead several collaborative research projects currently underway to develop original products with our customers.