Innovative active formulations


Activ'Inside develops ready-to-use formulations, combining different active plant ingredients with synergistic properties.


MemophenolTM: Synergistic and patented formulation clinically tested, with French grape (Vitis vinifera)  and wild blueberry (Vaccinium angustifolium) extracts, specifically designed to improve learning, working memory and long-term memory performances.      

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SkinAx²TM : Unique association clinically tested, with 4 active ingredients having complementary actions on skin radiance.

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Safr'InsideTM : Saffron extract 100% certified Iranian Sargol quality, guaranteed with the highest content of safromotivines, a group of more than 25 active compounds from safranal, crocins, picrocrocins and their derivatives, having a synergistic and positive action on mood and emotional balance.

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