Safr’Inside™: the only encapsulated saffron extract

Safr’Inside™: the only encapsulated saffron extract

At Beychac et Caillau, the 28th of may 2019

Activ’Inside introduced Safr’insideTM, the first encapsulated saffron extract at Vitafoods Europe 2019 in Geneva. Manufactured in France through patented extractionTM process Tech’care that confers a natural encapsulation of saffron volatile and sensitive metabolites, Safr’InsideTM provides an optimized safranal concentration: up to 10 times more than other saffron extracts. 



saffron Flower encapsulation

So far, saffron extracts used to nutraceutical applications are not sufficiently characterized, and render only part of the active metabolites originally present in Iranian saffron stigmas. This is mainly due to the applied extraction processes that alter most of saffron active metabolites. Such as safranal and crocin, which are highly volatile and/or thermosensitive compounds. To preserve their richness of the raw material (Iranian saffron stigmas), Activ’Inside has developed and patented a soft-extraction process: Tech’care extraction™. Made in France, this process is based on an innovative extraction/absorption combination: during their extraction, saffron metabolites are preserved from heat and solvent alterations thanks to the addition of a carrier. This unique process provides a natural encapsulation of saffron metabolites.




Saffron particles trapped in the maltodextrin support.                                      Saffron particles and support are separated

Preserves and optimizes safranal concentration                                               No protection of saffron volatile metabolites


Compared to a classic atomization process in which saffron particles and support are separated, the Tech’care extractionTM process allows saffron particles to be surrounded by the carrier matrix. Such process protects saffron volatile metabolites, especially safranal, and optimizes its concentration in the final extract. According to U-HPLC analysis, Safr’Inside™ is significantly richer in safranal than other saffron extracts: up to 10 times more than Spanish saffron extract.


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Activ’Inside, a French company specialized in saffron (Crocus sativus L.) and grapes (Vitis vinifera L.), aims to develop innovative natural products with high added value. “We use science, analysis, claims, intellectual property and marketing to create unique products reflecting customers’ need for a fast and safe access to market” says Benoit LEMAIRE, CEO of ACTIV’INSIDE.


At Activ’Inside, innovation and science are at the core of our activity, as demonstrated by our 3 patented active solutions based on sound scientific knowledge, proprietary published studies and related claims: MemophenolTM, for cognitive health, SkinAxTM, for the skin beauty, Safr’insideTM, for mood / quality of sleep / premenstrual comfort.


Active solutions’s website : http://skinax.comI http://memophenol.comI