A unique OPC organic grape seed extract

A unique OPC organic grape seed extract

Activ’Inside recently launches an organic grape seed extract guaranteed with the highest level in OPC,Grape’InsideTM 60P CO, part of the Signature grapeTM range.


Activ’Inside has developed a unique organic OPC grape seed extract with the highest amount of Oligomer Proanthocyanidins (OPC) with the most accurate method: >25% by Porter. This extract is a treasure from French grapes and it is also available in 100% organic version. The softest & the most traditional extraction process is used to preserve all the proprieties of the grape. This grape seed extract has powerful multi-tasking benefits like anti-ageing and hypocholesterolemia proprieties and is backed by pending EFSA claims.

“Through our expertise in sourcing, extraction processes, and analysis, we’ve been able to develop such extract and guarantee the highest organic OPC amount on the market”, said Benoit Lemaire, CEO and Business and marketing VP of Activ’Inside.


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Proanthocyanidins (PACS) are the major phenolic compounds in grape seeds. They generally occur as oligomers and polymers of a basic monomeric unit of flavanols (catechin, epicatechin). Oligomers of proanthocyanidins, known as OPC, are composed by a minimum of 2 monomer units, until a maximum of 10 units.

OPC are potent antioxidants as scientific publications report their capacity to promote secondary antioxidant activity and inhibit oxidative processes. This is why the organic grape seed extract has a high ORAC value: 7500 μmol Trolox/g.

OPC also provide significant hypocholesterolemia effects and are largely associated with the “French paradox”.


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Activ’Inside guarantees the OPC levels of its grape seed extracts by the Porter method. While convenient UV methods and vanillin assay overestimate the OPC amount by interacting with other polyphenols, the Porter method is more precise and allows characterizing “real OPC”. All the OPC Signature grapeTM seedextracts offered by Activ’Inside are guaranteed with the Porter method for optimal anti-aging and cardiovascular benefits.




Activ’Inside, a French company specialized in saffron (Crocus sativus L.) and grapes (Vitis vinifera L.), aims to develop innovative natural products with high added value. “We use science, analysis, claims, intellectual property and marketing to create unique products reflecting customers’ need for a fast and safe access to market” says Benoit LEMAIRE, CEO of ACTIV’INSIDE.

At Activ’Inside, innovation and science are at the core of our activity, as demonstrated by our 3 patented active solutions based on sound scientific knowledge, proprietary published studies and related claims: MemophenolTM, for cognitive health, SkinAxTM, for the skin beauty, Safr’insideTM, for mood / quality of sleep / premenstrual comfort.

Active solutions’s website : http://skinax.comI http://memophenol.comI http://safrinside.com