A bi-centric, randomized, double-blind placebo-controlled clinical study confirms Memophenol™ effectiveness on seniors’ memory!


BORDEAUX (France), July 26, 2018 – ACTIV’INSIDE publishes a new study on MemophenolTM, in the Journal of Gerontology. The clinical study performed on the product shows that the association of specific polyphenols from grape and blueberry improves episodic memory in healthy elderly.

MemophenolTM clinical study

This study aimed to evaluate the effect of a 6-months dietary supplementation with a Polyphenols-Rich Extract from Grape and Blueberry (PEGB, trademark MemophenolTM by Activ’Inside) on memory of healthy elderly subjects. The study involved 215 healthy seniors (Mini Mental State Examination score (MMSE) between 26 to 29) aged between 60-70 years old, orally supplemented with 300 mg twice a day of MemophenolTM.

Learning, short and long-term memories were assessed using validated Neuropsychological tests from the Cambridge Neuropsychological Test Automated Battery (CANTAB). Two tests were used before (T0) and after 6 months (T6) of supplementation:

  • Verbal Recall Memory (VRM) test, assessing short-term memory: 18 words are shown one by one on a screen. People are then asked to recall as many words as possible, immediately (e. 1 min) following the presentation.
  • The Paired Associated Learning (PAL) test, assessing long-term episodic memory. During this test, an increasing number of patterns have to be replaced, depending on the levels.


Figure 1: PAL score at baseline of the study population. N=190. Per protocol population.


The population was split into quartiles according to their corresponding baseline scores. Such approach allows selecting subjects according to their basal cognitive decline level.

To evaluate how Memophenol™ could correct a more pronounced memory loss, its effectiveness was evaluated on subjects with the worst PAL score at baseline (decliners) (figure 1).



– MemophenolTM improves long-term episodic memory and learning

Figure 2: MemophenolTM efficacy on VRM-FR test.



After 6 months of supplementation, in the total population, the study shows that subjects supplemented with MemophenolTM significantly improves their Verbal Free Recall Recognition Memory (VRM-FR, p=0.006) scores (figure 2).






Figure 3: Memophenol™ efficacy on PAL test assessed on decliners.


In addition, the subjects having the most important cognitive decline at baseline (t=0), also called “decliners”, significantly reduce the number of errors on the PAL test (p=0.037), thus highlighting episodic memory improvements.  This decrease is associated to 24% less errors versus placebo (figure 3).






Finally, the new publication shows that these cognitive improvements are interestingly associated with higher urinary concentration specific flavan-3-ols metabolites in the MemophenolTM group, confirming that MemophenolTM supplementation improves memory on seniors with a high bioavailability.

MemophenolTM demonstrated efficacy

Thanks to this new study, Activ’Inside confirms the effectiveness of Memophenol™ on the age-related cognitive decline.

“This publication is a new piece of the MemophenolTM puzzle. Indeed, fruit of a 4 year-international research program, MemophenolTM is supported by not less than 10 publications and 1 patent.” says Benoit LEMAIRE, Chief Executive Officer at Activ’Inside.

Recently, ACTIV’INSIDE also published a new 12-year follow-up epidemiological study conducted with Inserm and Harvard, showing that polyphenols intake can prevent cognitive decline.


– What is MemophenolTM?

MemophenolTM is ACTIV’INSIDE innovative active formulation supported by science. MemophenolTM results from a 4-year international research program initiated and led by ACTIV’INSIDE. This program of 4.2 million euros involved 10 academics and industrial partners, as well as 22 scientists, Ph. D. and engineers well recognized for their expertise in the fields of chemistry and biology of polyphenols, neuroscience and engineering of nutritional active ingredients.

The project started with data from epidemiological studies: polyphenols and specifically flavonoids are preventive effects on cognitive decline. Since that, several in-vitro and in-vivo tests has been performed on besides the large-scale clinical study. The mechanism of action has been identified: MemophenolTM improves neurogenesis and synaptic plasticity, thanks to its unique profile in bioavailable polyphenols.

The effectiveness of MemophenolTM has also been approved by students.

For more on MemophenolTM: www.memophenol.com


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