for saffron characterization


Activ’Inside has just published an in-house U-HPLC method for saffron characterization in the journal Food chemistry.

Quality assessment of saffron (Crocus sativus L.) extracts via UHPLC-DAD-MS analysis and detection of adulteration using gardenia fruit extract (Gardenia jasminoides Ellis). Moras et al. 2018

This new method :

  • Identifies more than 25 active metabolites in saffron

Recent publications shown that the saffron effectiveness is not conveyed by safranal and crocins only, but also by the synergistic action of numerous secondary compounds that include picrocrocins, crocetins, flavonoids, and their derivatives.

  • Guarantees high safranal concentration (0.2% U-HPLC)

The conventional UV method (ISO 3632) method commonly used to determine the quality of saffron is not specific enough and overestimates the safranal content.

  • Guarantees the absence of adulterations

Especially coming from other species (Gardenia Jasminoides Ellis.)

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