From Botanical EXTRACTS…

Through our expertise in grape and saffron, we propose ranges of botanical extracts.
We also develop tailor-made extracts according to your specifications.

  • Signature saffron™ :

Range of extracts from Sargol saffron stigmas with the richest content in active metabolites including safranal, crocin and safromotivines.


  • Signature grape™ :

Range of extracts from several grape parts providing different polyphenol profiles guaranteed according to both UV and U-HPLC analytical methods.


  • Signature extractTM :

Range of natural botanical extracts with guaranteed specifications, with the highest requirement in terms of quality and regulation.


… to dedicated APPLICATIONS

We aim to provide unique products with clear and differentiating messages.

Each are supported by:

  • Proprietary studies: In-vitro, in-vivo, pilot, clinical and epidemiological
  • Intellectual protection: Patents and trademarks
  • Scientific publications: About proprietary studies, mechanisms or analysis methods
  • Full analytical characterization: Both quantitative and qualitative
  • Identifies mechanism of action: From proprietary and published data
  • Relevant claims: EFSA claims, beauty claims and proprietary data


Discover our 3 innovative actives solutions


Activ’Inside also proposes private labeling with our active solutions, for a quicker and safer access to market.

Lear more about us: visit our dedicated websites including our totally new MemophenolTM one. And follow us on Twitter and Linkedin.

ACTIV’INSIDE, Science Inside, Claims Outside.

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