Sponsor of the skipper Gildas BRETON for the 11e edition of “La Route du Rhum”


Beychac & Caillau, 2nd October 2018: A sail, a boat and the ocean as far as the eye can see. This is what awaits the skipper Gildas Breton from November the 4th when he will start the most difficult competition of his career: La Route du Rhum.

He won’t be alone in this great adventure. It’s notably in the colors of ACTIV’INSIDE that Gildas will take the race in Saint Malo, in Brittany, direction Point-à-Pitre, in Guadeloupe. How many participants this year? No fewer than 124 boats, a record, including 21 opponents Gildas will have to face in the RhumMulti category.

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More on Gildas Breton?

Aged of 55, Gildas is a real sea lover. Rocked by sailing since childhood, his record is growing year after year. Last reward: 2nd place in real time at the Tour de Groix in 2017. For him, « La route du rhum » is a totally new challenge: “It’s a race that any sailor wants to do one day. This experience of crossing the Atlantic in solo is a real challenge, especially in terms of sleep, for me who have, so far, always took part of regatta between three buoys “says Gildas Breton to “La route du rhum” organizers (http://urlz.fr/7Rh8).


The skipper brilliantly completed the qualifications and is now in the phase of physical, mental and boat technical preparation. In order to protect his skin which will be under severe stress during its journey due to UV, wind, iodine and sea salt, Gildas Breton will take the active ingredient SkinAx2TM, an antioxidant new-generation developed by Activ’Inside. SkinAx2TM is a unique strong formula with a dual mechanism of action, combining both primary and secondary antioxidants, especially from grape monomers.

For more about Gildas Breton: www.forceocean.fr


More on “La route du Rhum” 

The “Route du Rhum” is a legendary French race taking place every 4 years. It will celebrate this year its 40 years. For this occasion, a beautiful gift: not less than 124 registered boats compared to only 38 the first year in 1978, and only 91 at the last edition in 2014. On the program, impressive numbers: about 6,560 km to go, 11 different nationalities, 124 boats of distinctive sizes divided into 6 categories, a starting line of more than 5 Km, for a solo crossing race of more than one week. The record is held by Loick Peyron, winner of the race in 2014, in 7 days, 15h, 8 minutes and 32 seconds.

More about « La route du rhum »: www.routedurhum.com


More on ACTIV’INSIDE: Maker of difference for the nutraceutical market

“What if your products contain more than just ingredients? A lot of science, a dose of analytical characterization, a measure of innovation, all with a quality, intellectual property and marketing coating, you let it go?”

Expert in saffron (crocus sativus L.) and grape (vitis vinifera L.) raw materials, the French biotech aims to develop innovative natural products with strong added values. “We use science, analytical, regulation, intellectual property and marketing to give UNIQUE PRODUCT, reflecting customer needs for a fast and safe access to market”.


ACTIV’INSIDE proposes ingredients for the nutraceutical market, from natural extract – mainly grape, saffron but also other – to patented active solution supported by a strong scientific background, proprietary published studies and relevant claims. 3 actives solutions dedicated to 3 majors application are available today: Cognition, Mood and Skin beauty. ACTIV’INSIDE private labelling with its ingredients.

ACTIV’INSIDE, Science Inside, Claims Outside.

For more information: www.memophenol.com | www.skinAx.com | www.safrinside.com

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