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Memophenol™ : Publication of the clinical study

A bi-centric, randomized, double-blind placebo-controlled clinical study confirms Memophenol™ effectiveness on seniors’ memory!   BORDEAUX (France), July 26, 2018 – ACTIV’INSIDE publishes a new study on MemophenolTM, in the Journal of Gerontology. The...

Saffron: Proprietary published U-HPLC method

for saffron characterization   Activ’Inside has just published an in-house U-HPLC method for saffron characterization in the journal Food chemistry. Quality assessment of saffron (Crocus sativus L.) extracts via UHPLC-DAD-MS analysis and detection of...

Memophenol™: How it acts on your brain?

ACTIV’INSIDE will give you a unique experience at Vitafoods Europe 2018 (Geneva, 15-17 May). Immersed in the human brain, you will not only see the impact of time and environment on the neuronal network, but also the clinically proven effectiveness of...

Memophenol™ : Discover it in video!

Discover the product in 2 minutes only!   Inspired by epidemiological studies, Memophenol™ is a patent-pending synergistic formulation clinically proven to enhance learning capacity and support short & long term memories. Let’s see it on...

Memophenol™: New results on students

Boost student’s cognitive performances in 15 days only!   More and more concerned by information and work overloads, students look for natural solutions aiming to boost their cognitive performances.   A new consumer study performed by Activ’Inside...

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