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Based in the Bordeaux area (France), Activ’Inside is an independent health food-tech company specialized in the development, production and marketing of natural active ingredients, mainly from grape and saffron, for the health nutrition industry.

Since 2023, Activ’Inside also offers contract manufacturing and private labelling services

Innovation in our DNA
Who we are

Recognized in our sector, we devote a large part of our budget to research and innovation, which has allowed us to hold 13 patents. Eighty percent of our R&D is directed towards nutrition and neurosciences (memory, cognitive performance, stress) with strong academic collaborations (INRAE, INSERM, CNRS, Neurocampus, European and Canadian universities).

Activ'Inside prizes



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R&D Activ'Inside
"At Activ'Inside, innovation is a shared concern. It turns into a success when our inventions meet the expectations of our customers and final consumers. Thus, every departments of our company, from R&D, marketing, regulatory, sourcing, production, to sales unit, must be involved in a push approach (innovation resulting from internal proposals) or in a pull approach (market-driven). Our vision of innovation also takes place in strong academics and industrial partnerships as Open Innovation is in our DNA. We collaborate with around 20 universities and research institutes on three continents. As a result, we will invest 25% of our turnover in research, development, and innovation, for the next 5 years. "
Our team
Who we are

A team of 42 people (more than 80% of whom are engineers and doctors) is engaged in meeting your needs.

Research & innovation
Customer service
Quality & control
Scientific marketing
Digital marketing & communication
Finance, human resources and administration
Our awards & recognitions
Who we are

Activ’Inside’s work has been recognized and awarded internationally.

Memophenol™ Ingredient of the year Healthy aging

Grape expert Winner Skin radiance

Safr’Inside™ Finalist Nutra Ingredient awards Mood

Memophenol™ Finalist Nutra Ingredient awards Healthy aging

SkinAx²™ Reader’s food supplement of the year

Memophenol™ Pharmaceutical product category

Our innovative solutions
What we do

Activ’Inside has a strong expertise from raw materials to finished product development. Its innovative solutions are supported by scientifically proven efficacy, clinical studies and validated claims. Backed by its state-of-the-art innovative solutions, Activ’Inside brings a true difference and a ready-to-use access to the nutraceutical market.

Natural & premium products

Premium botanical extracts

– 100% of our references are checked internally with in-house state-of-the art equipement
– More than 2400 internal quality control analysis per year

– 100% of our references available in Vegan version
– Clean Label, conventional or organic references
– Full package of certifications (allergens, GMO, nanoparticles, Non irradiation statements)

Grape & saffron expertise

All “premium botanical extract” characteristics


– In-house full spectrum characterization
– Documentary resources of more than 1800 scientific publications

Innovative active ingredient

All “grape and saffron expertise” characteristics


– Proprietary studies
– Patents
– Identified mechanisms of action
– Consumers studies
– Awards

Custom product

Custom product activ'inside

– Tailor made services : 

  • Specific analyses
  • Tailor made ingredient
  • Premix with EFSA pending claims and scientific justifications
  • On-demand dedicated studies (preclinical, clinical and customers studies)
  • Private labeling
Activ’Inside Fast Track Formulation™ :
our expertise at your disposal
What we do

With our expertise in the analytical, regulatory, and marketing fields, we provide a unique and innovative service called Fast Track Formulation™. This enables accelerated conception and thus a fast go-to-market of new health supplements.

Feel free to share with us your product brief, and we will offer a tailor-made formulation with EFSA pending health claims, scientific files and proof of traditional use – all with a made-in-France quality.

Our Fast Track Formulation service

Health claims / Beauty claims / Consumers studies / Traditionality


Proprietary studies / Analytical characterization / Mechanisms of action

Consumers needs

Certifications / Clean label / Awards

Sourcing & Quality

FSSC 22000
All in one technical file

From sourcing to clients
How we do it
A global FSSC 22000 quality approach 

Activ’Inside is committed to establishing human, organizational and material resources to ensure the performance and continuous improvement of our food safety management system.

Our global quality approach
Your need
From raw material to private label finished product.
Strict selection of suppliers
Suppliers are selected and approved. Their performances are tracked in order to determine their suitability with Activ’Inside’s requirements.
Sample analysis
We perform many quality controls :

– Visual checks
– Identification
– Active compounds and contaminants analysis
– Suppliers guarantee (certifications and statements)

Receipt of raw materials
– Rigorous traceability guaranteed
– Storage in dedicated areas
Raw material analysis
– Visual checks
– Identification
– Physical characteristics
– Contaminants analysis
– Microbiology
– Release of raw materials before use
Manufacturing control
– Implementation of good manufacturing practices
– HACCP principles
– Food safety plan and food fraud prevention plan
Active ingredients, extracts and finished products analysis
– Visual checks
– Identification
– Physical characteristics
– Contaminants analysis
– Microbiology
– Release of finished product
– Storage in dedicated areas
Shipping and customer support
– Rigorous traceability guaranteed through shipping and delivery to the customer
– Monday to Friday client service
– Technical support
Committed to your clean label positioning

Activ’Inside supports your clean-label positioning by offering natural, non-GMO, nanoparticle-free, organic, and vegan ingredients. All our extracts are meticulously sourced with respect to the Earth and its people. With our charter of commitment, we guarantee transparency and high-quality plant-based solutions to satisfy consumers’ needs for natural products.

irradiation free nutraceutical ingredients
GMO free nutraceutical ingredients
nano particles free nutraceutical ingredients
allergen and gluten free nutraceutical ingredients
FSCC 22000 supplements

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