Vegan botanical extracts for food supplements

Activ’Inside provides a full range of premium botanical extracts for your nutraceutical product. More than 100 extracts from about 50 raw materials has been developed. Leaves, roots, flowers, fruits : we select the most interesting parts of plants in terms of molecule profiles with guaranteed specifications by analytic methods.
Health applications
Signature Extracts™

All these ingredients are selected to meet formulation needs dedicated to several health applications : neuronutrition, nutricosmetic, well-being nutrition, and healthy aging.

cognitive health nutraceutical ingredient
memory nutraceutical ingredients
mood antistress nutraceutical ingredients
sleep nutraceutical ingredients
hair nutraceutical ingredient
weight control nutraceutical ingredient
skin nutraceutical ingredient
Well-being nutrition
circulation nutraceutical ingredient
detox nutraceutical ingredient
immunity nutraceutical ingredients
sport energy nutraceutical ingredient
Urinary health nutraceutical ingredients
PMS nutraceutical ingredients
digestive health nutraceutical ingredients
Healthy aging nutrition
joint nutraceutical ingredients
men sexual health nutraceutical ingredients
women sexual health nutraceutical ingredient
vision nutraceutical ingredient
heart health nutraceutical ingredient
Why choosing our Signature Extracts™ extracts?
Signature Extract™
  • Quality & specifications

    • Each extract has been carefully developed to match with the highest quality, regulation, and specification requirements.
    • Physico-chemical analysis and controls on 100% of our references.
    • All in one technical file for each ingredient (specifications sheet, allergen statements, GMO Free statements, etc.)
    • Analytical methods to guarantee bioactive molecules profiles.

  • Clean Label

    • Naturality, safety, transparency & traceability guaranteed.
    • Rigorous sourcing.
    • Full package of certifications : allergen, GMO free, nanoparticles free, irradiation free, etc.
    • Vegan ingredients backed by traditional use, notoriety, science, and claims.
    • Organic & conventional range of extracts.

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  • Fast Track Formulation™

    • Full range of plant-based ingredients with health claims, traditional use and scientific justifications for 19 health benefits.
    • An expert at your disposal to provide the best botanical extracts for your supplement formula.
    • Our botanical, analytical, regulatory and marketing expertise in an all-in one service.

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Committed to your customers’ needs
Signature Extracts™
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organic nutraceutical ingredients
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gluten free nutraceutical ingredients
nano particles free nutraceutical ingredients
irradiation free nutraceutical ingredients
GMO free nutraceutical ingredients
FSCC 22000 nutraceutical ingredients
halal nutraceutical ingredients
kosher nutraceutical ingredients
lemon balm ginko extracts
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