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Activ’Inside, located at the heart of Bordeaux vineyards, has developed a full expertise on grape (Vitis Vinifera L.). We provide a full range of grape extracts from different parts of the vine : seed, skin, pomace, shoot, leaf. From red and white cépages (varieties), our grape ingredients are particularly rich in polyphenols with a great antioxidant power.
Health benefits
Signature Grape™

Signature Grape extracts have been developed to propose specific profiles in polyphenols and also to bring natural and scientifically proven solutions supported by EFSA pending claims for specific health thematics.

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Why choose our Signature Grape™ extracts?
Signature Grape™
  • Highest source of polyphenols at the best price

    • Vitis vinifera L. contains 2x more polyphenols than American grape (Vitis labrusca).
    • Highest source of monomers and OPC.
    • Reliable analytical methods to guarantee specific profiles in polyphenols (UV, Porter, HPLC methods).

  • Optimal bioavailability

    • Monomers are highly bioavailable. Up to 82% are absorbed vs 1% for other polyphenols.
    • Monomers’ bioavailability has been clinically proven in a proprietary study.
    • We use Champagne varieties (Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier) in our conventional Signature Grape seed extracts. These are up to 5x richer in monomers than other vinifera varieties.

  • Adapted solutions for your application

    • Organic references available.
    • Water soluble grape extracts : crystal clear and tasteless.
    • High-quality ingredients : sulfite-free and adulteration-free extracts.

Committed to your customers’ needs
Signature Grape™
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