Signature grapeTM

Reveal the hidden benefits

Did you know that grape is backed by 14,000 publications, including 330 clinical studies, showing the polyphenols interest in cognitive health, weight management, sport-energy, cardiovascular health, digestion, vision, skin, circulation, anti-aging and sun care.

Thanks to a full expertise on grape (Vitis Vinifera L.) and its location between Bordeaux and Saint Emilion, Activ’Inside has developed a full range of grape extracts coming from all the different parts of the vine – seed, skin, pomace, shoot, leaf – from red and wine cépages (varieties).

Grape (Vitis Vinifera L.) is one of the most cultivated fruit in the world. Vitis Vinifera L. is native from Southern Europe and Western Asia. Human cultivation and use of grape started 8,000 years ago. Its cultivar is mentioned in the bible, and even Egyptian hieroglyphs (2,400 BC) describe its production.

Grape is recognized for its numerous health benefits, in particular for its antioxidant action. It has traditionally been used notably to treat pain and inflammation, as well as rheumatism, eye and skin conditions for centuries. Numerous epidemiological studies recognized a French specificity: the consumption of wine in a certain quantity reduce the incidence of cardiovascular disorders. It’s called “The French Paradox”.

Reveal the hidden benefits of grape

Activ’Inside reveals the richness of all parts of grape and vine in a full range of premium extracts guaranteed with specific profiles in polyphenols.

 Highest source of polyphenols at the best price L.

  • 100 % Vitis vinifera grapes
  • 2x more polyphenols than American grapes (Vitis labrusca)
  • Cheapest source of monomers & OPC

Adapted solutions for your applications


  • Organic grape seed extracts with significant OPC amount by Porter (+NEW)
  • Water soluble grape extracts: crystal clear & tasteless
  • Backed by more than 9,000 publications in 8 health applications
  • The highest quality compliance: sulfites free, adulteration free

Know what you are buying

  • High total polyphenols amount with two different spectrophotometric UV methods
  • Highest OPC content with the most accurate and reliable method: Porter
  • Highest monomers content by HPLC, the only method able to characterize individual compounds

Optimal bioavailability, clinically proven

  • Monomers are highly bioavailable: up to 82% are absorbed vs only 1% for most of polyphenols
  • Monomers bioavailability has been confirmed in a proprietary clinical study
  • Conventional Signature grape seed extracts are 100% obtained from Champagne varieties (Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier). These varieties are up to 5x richer in monomers than other viniferavarieties.

Our differences

Activ’Inside proposes several ready-to-use references and the possibility of tailor-made extracts development according to your specifications.

Highest OPC & Monomers contents with accurate & reliable methods

Clinically proven bioavailability

Water soluble & Tasteless

Organic grape extracts

Health applications

Signature Grape™ extracts are dedicated to numerous health benefits based on European regulation and/or scientific publications :

EFSA pending claim

EFSA pending claim

EFSA pending claim

EFSA pending claim

EFSA pending claim

EFSA pending claim

* EFSA: European Food Safety Authority

Proprietary innovative active ingredients

Activ’Inside has developed 2 innovative active ingredients based on grape for health applications: MemophenolTM and SkinAx2TM.

Memophenol™ is a patented formula of selected French grape and wild blueberry polyphenols-rich extracts, backed by proprietary published studies.

SkinAx2TM is an anti-aging new generation formula combining for the first time primary and secondary antioxidants. With a synergic association of grape flavanols monomers, bioactive SOD, vitamin C and zinc, this patented natural ingredient is backed by published clinical study.

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