Signature saffronTM

The true nature of saffron

Internationally recognized as an expert in saffron extraction and characterization, Activ’Inside possesses its proprietary published U-HPLC analytical method, patented extraction process and innovative products. Thanks to this expertise, Activ’Inside developed a unique range of saffron extracts: Signature Saffron™. These extracts are exclusively made from the reddest part of saffron stigmas, certified Sargol quality.

This saffron quality has been the most studied in the scientific littérature, with more than 30 clinical studies. It possesses several health benefits for the following applications: anti-aging, joint health, men and women sexuality, mood, pre-menstrual comfort, sleep quality, sport/energy and vision.

Saffron is a spice coming from the crocus flower (Crocus sativus L.). It is obtained by dehydration of its red stigmas. With only 3 stigmas per flower, it takes about 150,000 flowers to obtain 1 kg of fresh saffron stigmas.

Saffron was traditionally used for more than 3,000 years in the Persian and Ayurvedic medicines for its calming and aphrodisiac effects, as well as to relief eye and menstrual disorders. It is described in Chinese, Indian, European and Japanese Pharmacopeia.

The original source of saffron

Activ’Inside uses the best source of saffron (Crocus Sativus L.) selected for its unique profile in active molecules to develop a full range of extracts which target specific health applications.


– From Iran known as the largest producer, responsible for 85-90% of saffron production.

– From Khorasan area (northeast Iran) having optimal climatic and geological conditions for saffron culture. Harvest is based on traditional knowledge of local farmers known for centuries.

– Unique quality of saffron with a distinctive profile in active metabolites, compared to saffron from other origin.

– The most clinically studied quality: 30 clinical studies in 7 health applications.


– Sourcing with a local cooperative in Khorasan: 5,000 people involved in saffron harvest. 7 tons of saffron stigmas harvested/year. Biggest cooperative in the production of organic saffron.

– Premium Sargol quality: “top of the flower”, only the reddest part of the stigmas used.

– Fair-trade activity: the cooperative plays a vital role in improving food security and job creation.

– Sustainable activity: farmers are trained in better management of land and water.

Did you know? By choosing only the best quality localized in the reddest part, it takes about 230,000 flowers to obtain 1 Kg of Sargol stigmas.


– Patented Tech’care extraction process: preserves the unique native profile of metabolites of Sargol stigmas.

– Highest concentrations in safranal, crocins, safromotivines.

– Proprietary and published U-HPLC method for saffron characterization: Moras et al. 2018. See the publication here.

– 38 metabolites identified and guaranteed by U-HPLC. These metabolites represent from 76% to 95% of the compounds identified by the scientific community.


– Guaranteed 100% natural Crocus sativus L., by a DNA test done by an US accredited lab.

– Guaranteed free of adulteration from other species, by in-house U-HPLC analysis.

– Guaranteed free of dye material, by analysis performed by an official French authority.

– Guaranteed free of synthetic material, by a proprietary isotopic method done by CNRS laboratory.

Our differences

Richest extracts in active compounds

Safranal, Crocins, Picrocrocin, Safromotivines

Proprietary method

U-HPLC analysis

Proprietary clinical results

On Mood & Stress

Backed by science

More than 30 clinical studies on Persian Saffron

Encapsulated extract

Patented extract, process & Applications

DNA tested & Free of adulterations

Crocus Sativus L. Purity Guaranteed

Persian origin

Native & Original land of Saffron

Available with different certifications

Organic, Halal, Kosher and Vegan

Sargol quality

Only premium quality saffron stigmas

EFSA pending claims

Mood – PMS – Erectile Function 

Health applications

Due to saffron recognized health benefits, signature Saffron™ extracts have been carefully developed to provide a dedicated answer to specific conditions of EFSA claims and/or scientific literature.

EFSA pending claim

EFSA pending claim

EFSA pending claim

* EFSA: European Food Safety Authority

Proprietary innovative active ingredient

Activ’Inside proposes an innovative active ingredient suitable for the main 3 health applications (mood & anti-stress / pre-menstrual comfort / sleep quality) : Safr’InsideTM.

Safr’Inside™ is a patented saffron extract made in France, exclusively coming from Persian stigmas, certified Sargol quality. As the richest extract in safranal, crocins, and safromotivines, Safr’Inside™ has a quick effect demonstrated, felt in less than 20 minutes by sublingual administration.

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