Saffron extracts for food supplements

As a specialist in saffron extraction and characterization, Activ’Inside proposes a range of saffron extracts with the highest concentration in crocins and safranal. These extracts are exclusively made from the richest part of 100% pure Crocus sativus L. stigmas.
Health benefits
Signature Saffron™

Backed by science, Signature Saffron™ extracts have been developed to target specific health applications, supported by EFSA pending claims, by selecting a unique profile in active molecules.

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Well-being nutrition
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Healthy aging nutrition
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Why choose our Signature Saffron™ extracts?
Signature Saffron™
  • Richest extracts

    • Obtained thanks to our patented Tech’careTM extraction process, which preserves the native profile of saffron metabolites.
    • Highest concentrations in safranal, crocins, picrocrocin, and safromotivines.
    • More than 38 compounds well-known to the scientific community and identified by our proprietary patented U-HPLC method (Moras et al, 2018.).

  • High-quality guaranteed

    • Sargol quality : premium saffron stigmas only
    • Guaranted 100% natural Crocus sativus L. DNA tested and free from adulteration, dyes and synthetic material.

  • Meticulously sourced and selected

    • Persian origin, the native land of saffron. We benefit from the centuries-old traditional knowledge of local farmers. This is also the most clinically studied saffron.
    • Sourced in a local cooperative in Khorasan (northeast Iran).
    • Fair-trade activity: the cooperative plays a vital role in improving food security and creating jobs.
    • Sustainable activity.

Committed to your customers’ needs
Signature Saffron™
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