Enhancing Visibility and Exploring New Opportunities at Vitafoods Asia

Last year marked a significant milestone for us at Activ’Inside as we took the plunge and exhibited at Vitafoods Asia with our very own booth. This decision was a game-changer for us as we had previously attended the event with our distributor in the region. Coinciding with the opening of our local offices in Bangkok, this event presented us with the first genuine opportunity to introduce ourselves to our valued customers and prospects in the region. Vitafoods Asia has proven to be an exceptional platform for engagement, allowing us to connect with our existing customers while also forging new relationships. It’s a unique event for Southeast Asia, and it has become an essential part of our growth strategy.

In an exciting development, last year’s Vitafoods Asia was held alongside Food Ingredients Asia, a strategic move that aimed to consolidate both events into one mega-show in Bangkok. Historically, the Vitafoods event had been hosted in Singapore, so this marked a notable shift for the industry. Naturally, our expectations were high, and we anticipated a substantial turnout. However, there were challenges to be faced; it was just post-COVID, markets were slowly reopening, and there had been a food ingredients event in Indonesia just a few weeks prior. Despite these challenges, it turned out to be a productive show for us.

So, why are we thrilled to return to Vitafoods Asia this year?

Well, for one, our Asia offices are located in Bangkok, making it a home show of sorts. But beyond that, we’re eager to connect with our valued customers and partners both new and long-standing, put faces to names, and create new connections. The prospects are bright, and we’re excited about the opportunities that lie ahead.

What to Expect from Activ’Inside at Vitafoods Asia 2023

At this year’s Vitafoods Asia, we’re focusing on some key areas:

Active Ingredients for Nutricosmetics and Neuronutrition: We believe that beauty and brain nutrition are critical aspects of overall well-being. Our active ingredients are meticulously designed to enhance nutricosmetic and neuronutrition products. We’re here to discuss how our ingredients can empower your formulations to address these essential aspects of wellbeing.

Private Label Services for Capsules and Sticks: The Southeast Asian region has shown immense interest in our private label services for capsules and sticks. We understand the importance of customization and branding, and we’re eager to explore how we can help you create tailored solutions for your consumers.

Product Launch: ImprovD3™ – Immunity Boost Formulation: With the world’s renewed focus on immunity, we’re thrilled to launch ImprovD3™. This formulation is designed to boost the immune system, and it’s backed by rigorous research and testing. We’re confident it will be a valuable addition to your product offerings.

Belight³™ Takes Center Stage: At Activ’Inside, we always put science at the forefront of our products. We completed a clinical study on Belight³™ at the end of last year, and the results are promising. Belight³™, with its unique properties, has the potential to be a game-changer in the nutricosmetic market. We invite you to learn more about this exciting development at our booth.

Moreover, we want our presence at Vitafoods Asia to emphasize that Activ’Inside is not just an ingredient supplier but a comprehensive service and solution provider. Our 360-degree approach includes clinically proven evidence, formulation expertise, and manufacturing capabilities. We’re a step ahead of traditional extract manufacturers, and we’re eager to showcase how this approach can benefit your brand.

Vitafoods Asia remains an invaluable event for us, and we are enthusiastic about participating once again this year. We’re eager to connect with you, our valued partners, and explore how we can collaborate to bring innovative and science-backed products to the market. Visit our booth, and let’s embark on a journey of growth and success together.

See you at Vitafoods Asia!

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