Pushing Boundaries with Memophenol™: Activ’Inside’s Ground-breaking Clinical Trial

As a leading supplier of science-backed food supplements, we at Activ’Inside are thrilled to share the exciting results of our latest clinical trial, which further validates the cognitive advantages of our superior product, Memophenol™. The consummate brain-boosting active ingredient, Memophenol™ is the ideal product for any supplement aimed at enhancing the focus and concentration of busy students and gamers or revitalizing the memory of seniors. With proven efficacy (now at different doses), Memophenol™ offers tailored and customisable solutions supported by clinical evidence.

Originally developed through an intensive four-year international research program called Neurophenol, this twice patented polyphenol-rich ingredient, derived from French grape and Canadian wild blueberry extract, has garnered significant attention and is supported by gold-standard clinical studies. Our dedication to the pharma-like development of this formula has earned us recognition in esteemed publications, with the notable inclusion of a feature by the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA).

Health Claims and Positioning

With our proprietary studies backing its efficacy, Memophenol™ has garnered an exclusive health claim in South Korea, solidifying its position as a trusted and effective solution for cognitive support. This proprietary health claim, ‘Memophenol™ may help improve memory,’ is based on rigorous clinical trials. It provides reassurance to consumers and manufacturers seeking natural and science-backed solutions for cognitive-support supplements.

Memophenol clinical study 300mg

Previous Studies and Efficacy of Memophenol™

Before delving into our recent clinical trial, it’s essential to highlight the outstanding efficacy of Memophenol™ as demonstrated in previous studies. These studies have yielded remarkable findings, providing compelling evidence for the effectiveness of Memophenol™ in improving cognitive function.

The previous studies on Memophenol™ have showcased its broad spectrum of cognitive benefits, addressing multiple aspects of cognitive function. One notable area of improvement is memory. Through chronic supplementation with a dosage of 600mg, significant improvements in memory have been observed. A seperate clinical study on students, examining the acute effects of Memophenol™ at a single dose (600mg), showed increased cognitive performance only 90 minutes after ingestion. These findings have played a crucial role in establishing Memophenol™ as a trusted and science-backed solution for cognitive support.

Moreover, existing literature and studies have highlighted the impact of flavanol monomers present in just 300mg of Memophenol™ on enhancing cerebral blood flow. Motivated by these findings, Activ’Inside decided to undertake a new clinical trial. The objective was to explore the effects of a lower dosage of 300mg, specifically targeting older adults with Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI). Building upon the existing evidence, this trial aimed to further validate the cognitive benefits of Memophenol™ and assess its impact on cognitive function at this lowered dosage.

The Clinical Trial Design and Participants

Our clinical trial followed a robust two-arm, parallel-group, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled design. Over a span of 24 weeks, we enrolled 143 volunteers between the ages of 60 and 80, all of whom self-reported difficulties with cognition. These participants were administered either 150mg of Memophenol™ twice daily or a placebo. Throughout the trial, the volunteers underwent various tests and questionnaires to assess their cognitive function at different time intervals.

Ground-breaking Results: Cognitive Benefits of Memophenol™

The outcomes of our clinical trial were compelling. The results unequivocally demonstrated significant cognitive benefits of Memophenol™ at the reduced dosage of 300mg. David Gaudout, Chief Innovation Officer at Activ’Inside, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, « These ground-breaking studies provide compelling evidence for the cognitive benefits of Memophenol™ at different dosages. » He went on further to say that « The results validate our hypothesis that Memophenol™, even at a reduced dosage of 300mg, can significantly enhance executive functions, speed of information processing, visuospatial episodic memory and learning, and reduce cognitive failures in older adults with MCI. »

With these exceptional findings, our clinical trial solidifies Memophenol™ as a game-changing solution for cognitive support and reinforces our commitment to advancing the field of cognitive well-being.

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Commitment to Scientific Research and Innovation

Activ’Inside remains steadfast in its commitment to pushing the boundaries of scientific research and innovation. Our goal is to develop exceptional food supplements that harness the power of natural ingredients for improved cognitive support and overall well-being. The success of Memophenol™ is a testament to our dedication to bridging the gap between cutting-edge scientific advancements and practical solutions for food supplement manufacturers and consumers.

The results of Activ’Inside’s recent clinical trial have showcased the significant cognitive benefits of Memophenol™ at a reduced dosage of 300mg. Our commitment to rigorous scientific research and innovation has paid off, as Memophenol™ continues to solidify its position as a trusted solution for food supplements aimed at cognitive support. As we strive to enhance cognitive well-being, we remain dedicated to bringing the power of natural ingredients to the forefront of the food supplement industry. With Memophenol™, manufacturers, and in turn, consumers, have access to a scientifically validated and effective product that supports their cognitive function.


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