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Essential polyphenols for neuroprotection : memory & cognitive performance

Choose an innovative ingredient with a unique ratio of essential polyphenols for seniors’ memory & students’ cognitive performance. Twice patented and backed by science & claims, Memophenol is a formula highly rich in polyphenols clinically proven to enhance learning and memory.
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What is Memophenol™ ?
How to use Memophenol in your food supplement ?
memophenol for memory & cognitive performance product
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South Korea / Propriety heath claim : “Memophenol may help to improve memory”

EFSA pending claims : “Memophenol provides grape pomace extract, which improves mental function and performance”

US validated claims :
“Clinical research to support brain function / health”

“Clinical research suggests that Memophenol help with cognitive performance while taking an exam”


Dose &
galenic form

300 or 600 mg/day

instant drink and shot galenic form memophenol
essential polyphenols for memory
twice patended
Unique essential polyphenols ratio formula
Whole french grape extract
Vitis vinifera L.
Wild canadian blueberry extract
Vaccinium angustifolium A.

We choose to combine these two extracts in order to have a synergistic action on neuroprotection. Memophenol provides the best source of essential polyphenols scientifically proven to support cognition with a desmonstrated bioavailability.

Physiological effects of Memophenol™ on the brain
Human bioavailability

Founded in human urine & associated with memory improvements.

memophenol polyphenols bioavailable

Memophenol™ can also cross the blood brain barrier

preclinical results

Improved neurogenesis

+19% of mature neurons

memophenol polyphenols neurogenesis
Improved synaptic plasticity

+11% of connections between neurons

memophenol improves synaptic plasticity
Efficiency confirmed by science
  • Seniors (clinical study)
    Memophenol significantly improves short-term & long-term memory. It rejuvenates memory by 10 years.

    • Randomized double-blind placebo controlled
    • Multicentric clinical study
    • 215 seniors
    • 60-70 years old
    • Normal age-related cognitive decline
    • 600 mg/day during 6 months


    read our clinical study

    memophenol improves memory
  • Students (clinical study)
    Memophenol significantly enhances cognitive performance including accuracy, working memory & concentration.

    • Randomized crossover double-blind placebo controlled
    • 30 students
    • 18-25 years old
    • Under exam conditions
    • One shot dosage : 600 mg


    read our clinical study

    memophenol improves learning on students
  • Gamers (open trial under medical supervision)
    Memophenol™ improves gamers’ cognitive performance, by activating the winning square, 4 essential parameters to boost the gaming experience.

    • Open trial conducted under medical supervision
    • 50 semi-professional gamers
    • 20-40 years old
    • Intake 90 min before their gaming session
    • 600 mg



    learn more about the study

  • Highlihted in scientific review

    • JAMA

    « How Certain Foods Affect Cognition, Seizures, and Cardiometabolic Disease » Rebeca VOELKER, 2019.

    read the article


    • Journal of functional foods

    « Recent advances and possibilities for the use of plant phenolic compounds to manage ageing-related diseases » Arruda et al, 2020.

    read the article


    • Neurology journal – proprietary epidemiological study

    « Pattern of polyphenol intake and the long-term risk of dementia in older persons»

    Lefèvre-Arbogast et al, 2018.

     read the article

Beneficial effects
confirmed by consumers

Consumer test on 50 healthy French students, 600 mg/day for 30 days

3/4 results consumer study memophenol
3/5 results consumer study memophenol
Felt more

Consumer test under medical supervision on 50 semi-professional gamers, 600 mg/day for 11 days

found Memophenol™ effective in improving gaming performances
attest that effect are quick
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