How to create my

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The development of your food supplement formulation is a process in which there are several factors to be considered:

  • The ingredients that you wish to use and their interaction once combined.
  • You must anticipate any regulatory issues that you may encounter.
  • Technical constraints in relation to your chosen galenic form and the compatibility with your chosen ingredients.

The food supplement formulation partner that you choose will be able to guide you through this process and further if you are discerning in your choice.

What are the key ingredients for a successful food supplement formulation?

Create your food supplement formulation


The 3 types of ingredients to include in your food supplement formulation.


A successful supplement formulation will contain a combination of three types of ingredients that will maximise its potential within the nutraceutical market:

Ideal formula : differenciating ingredient + ingredient that provides a claim, traditional and well-known ingredient
  • A well-known or recognised ingredient that will lend its credibility as a known source of your targeted benefit to your supplement making its function more quickly identifiable to your customers.
  • An ingredient that provides a meaningful claim that will have a clinically certified or verifiable effect that you can utilise in your product marketing and packaging to further reinforce your formulation’s efficacy to your customer. Ingredients that are backed up by scientific studies carry particulary strong claims.
  • A new and innovative ingredient that will differentiate your product from comparable alternatives. Products with equivalent health benefits can often contain similar components making it difficult for consumers to identify why one product may be superior to another. A new or innovative ingredient, as well as having unique effects, will help your food supplement stand out from the crowd.


Have an in-depth understanding of the ingredients chosen for your food supplement formulation.


An in-depth knowledge of your ingredients and the mechanism of action for each, is essential to the formation of an effective food supplement. This knowledge is the key to understanding how your ingredients will interact with one another. Through this understanding you will know that the most effective ingredient combinations are those that have:

  • Synergy of action. When the effect of the mixture is greater than the sum of the effects of the individual ingredients. Several ingredients could all have positive effects when applied individually, synergistic ingredients effects are augmented by combining them leading to an altogether more effective product.
  • Complementary action. Ingredients that act at different levels for the same health benefit are an interesting option to consider for your food supplement formulation project as they work separately and on different aspects, complementing each other’s effects, resulting in a stronger outcome.

Carrying a similar level of importance as understanding your ingredients mechanism of action, is the knowledge of at what dose or quantity an ingredient becomes effective. This information would ideally be backed up by a clinical study outlining its effect as it is integral to the construction of your nutraceutical formulation.

Let Activ’inside’s expert guide you on how to succeed in your nutraceutical formulation

Create your food supplement formulation

What are essential elements to consider for

your food supplement formulation project?

Create your food supplement formulation

What health benefit(s) am I hoping to achieve with my nutraceutical formula?

Depending on the health benefit you wish to achieve with your food supplement formulation, you will need to select your ingredients accordingly. Different ingredients have unique properties that can aid or hinder your food supplement formulation project. If you need more details on ingredient selection? Please don’t hesitate in referring to our recommendations on ingredient sourcing for your food supplements.

What galenic form do I want for my food supplement ?

Whether you are leaning towards gummies, capsules or sticks as the galenic form for your food supplement formulation, there are a few considerations to be made. Your ingredient choice will affect the galenic in several ways both physical and chemical. It would be wise to bring this up with your formulation partner during the ingredient selection process.


Ingredients that require a higher quantity to achieve the desired effect may be limited in the type of galenic that can be used for their delivery. These ingredients may need to be separated into several smaller galenic units, in which case you will need to consider the number of units per dose you are willing to accept, otherwise, such an ingredient would necessitate a larger galenic form.


If you wish for your food supplement to be dissolved in water before consumption, with sticks for example, the solubility of your formula is a factor that must be considered.


For galenic forms such as gummies and sticks, how the product tastes will leave an impression on your consumer. Taste is an essential to keep in mind in the choice of your ingredients, whether for botanical extracts or flavourings. It will be a key factor for the success of your product and will be the difference between a repeat or a one-time customer.


Galenic that must be heated to a high temperature such as gummies will need thermostable ingredients that resist this type of manipulation while retaining the properties that they were selected for.

What regulatory constraints must be respected with my food supplement formulation?

Depending on the target market you have in mind for your product you may find yourself facing regulatory issues concerning your formula. Different countries are subject to different rules and regulatory measures that may force you to tweak your formula depending on where you plan on releasing your product. Almost every part of your formula can be affected by the regulations of your target country, from the ingredients you use and the validity of their certifications to the allowed dose of each element.

What is the target price of my dietary supplement formula?

Several factors will influence the price of your food supplement formula including the chosen ingredients, the quality of your raw materials and the dose of each element. When discussing your specification sheet with your supplement formulation partner they will have the expertise to guide you in the development of the most cost-effective strategy for your dietary supplement project.

What are some important factors that
will impact your choice of
food supplement formulation partner?

Create your food supplement formulation

An ideal food supplement formulation partner will be able to advise you on each step of the food supplement formulation process from the conception of your specification sheet to the point of industrial scale-up. They should be capable of navigating both regulatory and technical constraints while applying their scientific expertise to the development of your project. An in-depth knowledge of nutraceutical ingredients is essential.

Scientific Expertise

A good food supplement formulator should be capable of advising you on what elements to include in your food supplement formula and have the scientific expertise to know how certain ingredient combinations will interact. They will provide access to scientific support documents that justify the effectiveness of each ingredient in your formula.

Technical Expertise

Food supplement formulation is a complicated process, not only in regard to ingredient combinations but in the ways these ingredients should be adapted to suit the desired galenic form. A supplement formulation partner with the technical expertise necessary to understand the restrictions that come with each galenic option will be invaluable to your project.

Regulatory Expertise

The market in which you plan on releasing your product may have regulations that you are not aware of. Your ideal supplement formulation partner will have knowledge of the regulatory nuances that can be found in different markets and can formulate your food supplement with these in mind avoiding any regulation issues for your project.

Client Support

Among the best food supplement formulators, you have those who offer the option of additional services. For example, ideally your formulation partner should be able to support you in testing the effectiveness of your formula which will provide your food supplement with consumer test claims that can be used as additional messages for your product marketing. Once your formula is complete your formulation partner should be available to aid you in having it patented, giving you proprietary rights to its formulation.

Your formulator has to have scientific expertise, regulatory expertise, technical expertise
Good to know: European pending claims cannot be used in Italy for example as they have their own set of regulations

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