How to find the right private label supplement manufacturer?

Why choose private labelling for your dietary supplement project?

The development of a dietary supplement can be a long and costly process. Taking into account, the choosing of your ingredients, the formulation process, the necessary stability testing and industrial scale- up, you could be looking at a minimum of six months or a year’s worth of work. Opting for a private label supplement allows you to enter the market quickly with little fuss, as the majority of the aforementioned work has been done by your private label supplement manufacturer.

What is a private label supplement manufacturer?

Find your private label dietary supplement manufacturer

A private label manufacturer is one who creates generic and/or customized products to be sold under the brand of a third-party retailer. Depending on the manufacturer, private labelling can offer customization options leading to a finished product that is unique to each retailer. In manufacturing agreements for private label supplements, the retailer will typically communicate specific customizations that they wish to make to the manufacturer’s base formula. The machinery for the production is already set, making it easier and faster to produce and also giving the option of lower minimum order quantities while allowing for this personalization of some aspects of the product. The retailer’s branding will be used for the finished product and its packaging. This process is typically a quick and effective one allowing for an efficient entry into the retailers desired market.

What are the advantages of private label supplement manufacturing?

Find your private label dietary supplement manufacturer
what are the advantages of a private label supplement manufacturer ?


The most important advantage in choosing a private label supplement lies in the fact that the product is almost ready to go to market, depending on the level of customization you have in mind, in most cases all that you need to do is put your own branding on the packaging. Every step in the development of a dietary food supplement has already been undertaken by the private label supplement manufacturer. The ingredients have been sourced, the base formula has been created and validated for industrial scale up, all that’s left for you to do is simply choose.



If you are looking to enter the market quickly, a private label supplement is the choice for you. As the time- consuming portion of the process has been completed by the manufacturer, all you need account for is the possibility of small customizations and the time it takes to change the packaging and your product will be ready to hit the shelves.


Cost effective

The development of a custom food supplement is a costly undertaking, but if you are willing to forego total customization for an equally effective product for which the most expensive steps (formulation, testing) have already been taken, private label supplements are a fantastic option. In this way, you can invest more time and money in building and marketing your brand.

What questions
should I keep in my when choosing my
private label supplement manufacturer?

Find your private label dietary supplement manufacturer

Where are they located?

The location of your private label supplement manufacturer will be important logistically. If you plan on marketing your product in France, logically, your preferred manufacturer will also have a base in France, bringing down logistic costs. This also provides your product with the ‘Made in France’ claim that you can use in your marketing and packaging.

Are they up to date on industry regulations?

An important advantage of choosing private labelling supplements is not having to worry about maneuvering around regulatory issues as they will have been taken into account by the manufacturer. Knowing that your private label supplement manufacturer keeps up to date on regulatory changes within the industry adds a layer of assurance to your choice in partner and product.

Do they follow the industry trend?

As with any other industry, the world of nutraceutical supplements has trends that are dictated by the demand of the consumer. Private label supplement manufacturers that are up to date with such trends will carry products that respond to the current market demand so as to make your life when marketing such a product that much easier.

What manufacturing certifications do they have?

Knowing that your product was manufactured in a pharmaceutical quality environment is the best way for you to ensure the standard of your product for your future customers. Certifications such as ISO 9001 are useful indicators as to whether or not your private label supplement manufacturer makes the effort to provide this kind of environment.

What quantity of product can they confortably provide?

Depending on your minimum order quantity (MOQ), this will be an important question for you to keep in mind. The ideal private label supplement manufacturer will have small, medium and large production capabilities that can cater to all levels of demand. The quantity (and quality) of your product will be largely dependent on the equipment in which your manufacturer has invested.

How reactive is their inventory control?

Your private label supplement manufacturers level of reactivity in their inventory control will be the difference between a quick restock or having to wait because the stock levels of your product were not anticipated. Manufacturers with the equipment and production capacity necessary to keep on top of a quick product turnover should be at the top of your list of candidates when choosing your private label partner.

What packaging options do they offer?

Having the option of biodegradable, recyclable, or plastic alternative packaging will be a positive plus for your product in our increasingly environmentally conscious society. Consumers take packaging into consideration when choosing their products and are often willing to pay more for those products that are sustainably packaged.

How quickly can I expect a quote?

An important benefit of going the private label manufacturing route is that you can expect a quote within a relatively short amount of time as private label products are almost ready to go to market depending on your customization needs.

What is their CSR policy like?

Your private label supplement manufacturer’s CSR efforts represent your business, as they are part of your supply chain. If the manufacturer has appropriately invested in CSR, it brings you peace of mind, knowing your partner takes corporate social responsibility seriously. You can also incorporate this fact into your marketing strategy to reflect positively on your brand.