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The driving force behind Activ’Inside is our passion for innovation and the pride we take in the quality of service that we provide for our clients. This level of excellence expected from our products and services is founded on our comprehensive expertise that traverses every stage of the food supplement creation process from sourcing the raw materials for the development of our ingredients, to the finished food supplement product, packaged and labelled, ready for the shelves.

Our customers are at the centre of our approach

Here at Activ’Inside our clients are incredibly important to us and we go to great lengths to guarantee their satisfaction with the product and service that we offer. When it comes to our nutraceutical ingredients, we operate with a degree of transparency that one would be hard pressed to find elsewhere.

Ensuring the quality of our raw materials is one of the methods we employ in order to guarantee the premium quality our products for our clients. Providing our clients with the scientific, regulatory and technical support documents, detailing information on the quality and nature of ingredients along with traceability of geographic origin of these raw materials, is an invaluable resource for the finished product’s formulation and communication.

Our team of marketing and regulatory experts works tirelessly to provide our clients with the most effective methods for communicating and marketing their products. This includes ensuring compliance with regulations regarding claims that can be used on product packaging, which may vary depending on the destination market.

Our backed by science approach to product development

Through the use of a unique and rigorous scientific approach at every stage of the development process, we deliver high quality products with proven efficacy and consumer satisfaction.

For our ingredients we use a patented analytical method and extraction process, knowledge of the molecular mechanisms of action, clinical studies and demonstrated effectiveness through consumer tests to ensure the premium quality of our ingredients with proven efficacy and consumer satisfaction.

In the case of our formulations, our scientific and technical savoir-faire, along with a wealth of regulatory and traditional usage knowledge, enables us to create effective nutraceutical formulas covering a diverse range of health applications.

We make quality a priority

We adhere to impeccable standards for all our products through the rigorous analysis of our active ingredients, extracts, and finished products. From sourcing only the highest quality raw materials from which to develop our ingredients to making sure we install European made machinery, renowned for their quality, in our newly built Activ’Inside manufacturing facility, our approach to ensuring the quality of our products and services is transversal.

Our strict adhesion to HACCP principles enables Activ’Inside to guarantee quality products, consistent with the relevant technical and commercial specifications.

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The importance of innovation

Why work with us

At Activ’Inside, the need to innovate is engraved deeply in our DNA, with a large part of our budget devoted to research and innovation we are always looking for ways to take the next step, even the next leap of progress in our industry. When other companies were creating nutraceutical formulations, we brought you the Activ’Inside Fast Track Formulation™ tool and the ability to create an effective nutraceutical formulation, with scientific justification and claims, in just 20 minutes!

Our drive and passion for what we do, motivates us to be constantly striving for excellence on every level. If you are looking for a trustworthy partner for your supplement project, Activ’Inside is here to help!

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