How to find the right dietary supplement contract manufacturer?

Developing a dietary supplement from scratch is no small feat and there are several considerations that must be taken into account when starting out on your creative journey. Would you rather collaborate with separate specialist contractors for each step in the development process, or engage the services of a full-service dietary supplement contract manufacturer who will be with you every single step of the way?

The advantage of a full-service dietary supplement contract manufacturer

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A full-service dietary supplement contract manufacturer will accompany you from the conception of your idea through to labelling and every step in between. Having a full-service partner will be a great advantage to your food supplement project as they will have the expertise to advise you during every phase of the development process from their vast experience in the field. This expertise in the industry also allows them to move seamlessly from one stage to the next with no handover issues as they will have been involved with the project since its initiation. The nutraceutical market is a fast-changing one and it is in the interest of full- service dietary supplement contract manufacturers to be up to date with the newest scientific and regulatory developments. This allows them to stay ahead of the curve and guide their clients in making informed decisions that will most benefit their product.

Questions to ask yourself when shopping for your dietary supplement contract manufacturer

Find your dietary supplement contract manufacturer
      • Do I have a minimum order quantity (MOQ) target?
      • What is the target price of my dietary supplement contract manufacturing project?
      • What production time do I want?
      • What level of quality should I expect from my supplements manufacturer?
      • What level of client support am I looking for?
      • Am I interested in additional services?

Let Activ’inside’s expert guide you on how to choose your dietary supplement contract manufacturer

Find your dietary supplement contract manufacturer

What questions
should I keep in mind when choosing my
dietary supplement contract manufacturer?

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What kind of production capacity do I need from my food supplement contract manufacturer?

The equipment in which your dietary supplement contract manufacturer has invested for their business will dictate their production capacity, meaning they may be restricted as to how little or how much product they can manufacture at once. Depending on your target MOQ, when starting negotiations with your contract manufacturer, their capability of meeting these targets will be an indicator as to whether or not they are the right partner for you. The ideal food supplement contract manufacturer will have the necessary equipment to facilitate the manufacture of small, medium or large batches meaning fewer restrictions for you and your project.

Pilot and aromatization tests are an extremely important step in the contract manufacturing process. Once these tests have been conducted, make sure they can provide you with samples and optimisation options, if necessary, before the industrial transfer. Batch records will need to be provided to you so that you can guarantee the quality and traceability of your product.

What kind of equipment should my dietary supplement manufacturer have?

The type of equipment that your dietary supplement contract manufacturer has invested in will be indicative of the quality of service that they endeavour to provide for their clients. For example, European-made machinery is known to be of high quality and less prone to the types of technical problems that may lead to production delays than similar machines made elsewhere. Choosing a dietary supplement contract manufacturer with European equipment guarantees the product quality and adds to the assurance that your dietary supplement will be manufactured and delivered in the time agreed.

What kind of client support will be provided for my food supplement manufacturing project ?

This is the most important question you can ask yourself regarding your future food supplement contract manufacturer. There are several factors to take into account here.

Will a point of contact be provided? A project manager that will accompany you through the steps of manufacturing and be available to respond to any queries you may have concerning the process will be invaluable. Such a person will ensure the best level of understanding between you and your food supplement contract manufacturer.

In an ideal world, your project would have a team dedicated to it. With a full-service contract manufacturer such a team would include experts in; ingredients sourcing, supplement formulation, galenic forms, regulations (making sure that your product is within the regulations of your chosen market), manufacturing, packaging and labelling.

The team provided by your contract manufacturer should include but not be restricted to the following.

  • A formulation expert who would validate your dietary supplement formulation with pilot tests in case they need to be modified for industrial scale-up, in which case they would advise as to the necessary changes.
  • An expert in your chosen galenic form who would make sure your formula can be adapted to counteract any technical constraints imposed by your choice.
  • A regulatory expert who would ensure that your food supplement adheres to the regulations of your chosen target market.
  • A production manager who would oversee the production of your product.

When discussing pricing with your dietary supplement contract manufacturer point of contact, ask for an itemised quote so that you have a visual of what each step is going to cost. If your contract manufacturer also provides full-service options ask for them to be included in the quote so that you can decide if these additional services are of interest to you for the steps to follow.

How can I be sure of the standard of my chosen dietary supplement contract manufacturer?

Manufacturing certifications are a good indicator of the practices of a contract manufacturer. GMP certification is a guarantee of quality, making sure that your food supplement contract manufacturer provides a GMP environment will be important to your project.