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When selecting the most suitable galenic form for your dietary supplement, it’s crucial to consider the benefits of the available options, and choosing a capsule supplements manufacturer can be a strategic decision that offers several advantages. Capsule supplements boast significant popularity as the stand out leader in the nutraceuticals market, having captured a whopping 30% of the market share in 2022 leaving tablets and soft gels in the dust at 28% and 11% respectively (1). This can be attributed to the numerous benefits associated with capsule supplements, such as their fast action and ease of digestion and absorption.

Capsule manufacturing

Why choose capsule manufacturing?

Capsules contract manufacturing refers to the process of creating a food supplement that consists of a nutraceutical formula enclosed in a hard casing. Consisting of two prefabricated halves, capsules, once filled are tightly sealed with fine grooves, preventing the capsule from falling apart and the powder from escaping. The advantage of this casing is that it facilitates the easy breakdown of the supplement in the digestive tract, allowing its contents to be absorbed into the bloodstream.

Capsule supplements are comparatively easy to digest which means that the nutraceutical ingredient absorption rate is relatively higher compared to certain other methods of consumption, such as tablets, which may take longer to break down and release their active ingredients. The capsule manufacturing process of enclosing the nutraceutical formula in a hard casing, not only helps protect the ingredients from degradation but also functions as an oxygen barrier, containing any unpleasant tastes or odours of the nutraceutical ingredients reducing the need for masking agents.

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What sets us apart from other capsule supplement manufacturers?

Our expertise as capsule supplement manufacturers

Our application lab

Our nutraceutical application lab plays a crucial role by examining the efficacy of clients’ unique supplement formulas on our galenic forms. Specifically, our specialists focus on various aspects of each formula, such as density, castability, flowability, homogeneity, and stability, to evaluate their suitability for capsule supplement manufacturing. By thoroughly assessing these and other factors, our nutraceutical application lab can offer valuable insights into the quality and effectiveness of supplement formulas, ensuring that they meet the needs and expectations of their consumers.

Pilot batches

As a capsule supplements manufacturer, our facility is equipped to create pilot batches of any capsule supplement formulation. These pilot batches are a small production run on industrial tool and are produced to validate the formulation for the industrial transposition stage. Formulation behaviours that are subject to the discerning examination of our specialists include the filling rates, powder behaviour, uniformity and formula homogeneity. This process is carried out in order to avoid any problems during production and ensure that the final product meets our high standards.

Our process

Activ'Inside Manufacturing

Capsule contract manufacturing


Formula analysis
Our application lab assesses a number of capsule formula elements including,

– Homogeneity
– Flowability
– Density
– Castability
– Stability

this is the process of filling capsules with supplements, such as powders, for effortless ingestion. With our state-of-the-art capsule contract manufacturing production line, we boast a European-made, fully automated capsule filling machine that employs piston dosing technology. As a result, we can ensure an exceptional capsule filling rate with absolute precision.
Quality control testing of our capsules is performed at intervals, including but not limited to;

– Weight variation
– Uniformity of content
– Defect reports

Our cutting-edge counting and bottle filling machine employs a visual system to fill the desired number of capsules into the selected packaging. This technology not only guarantees 100% accuracy but also boasts fault detection with 0% fault tolerance. With no blind spots, there is no risk of missing any capsules, and cross-contamination is entirely eliminated, ensuring the utmost safety and quality of our products.
The brand new Activ’Inside capsules contract manufacturing line includes an in-line variable digital printing system for full on-site personalisation of your product label.
Our capsule supplement manufacturing equipment
Activ'Inside Manufacturing

The ACTIV’INSIDE state of the art manufacturing facility is the proud home to the capsules contract manufacturing equipment necessary to create a truly superior product. Our decision to invest in our European made, capsule supplements production line was made with the intention of providing the highest quality service for our clients and to cement our position as a capsules supplement manufacturer of the finest calibre.

activinside manufacturing

In short, what factors make Activ’Inside your ideal capsule supplement manufacturer?


Our extensive knowledge of galenic forms and formulation experience applied to capsule food supplements allows us to consistently create products of exceptional “made in France” quality.


The investment in our European made capsule manufacturing equipment ensures our impressive performance rate and helps honour our lead time window.

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