Our nutraceuticals formulation testing lab

Innovation is the beating heart of what we do here at Activ’Inside, it is one of the core principles from which our brand grew to be where it is today, and our dedicated nutraceutical formulation testing lab is where the magic (science) happens.

The central mission of our nutraceutical testing lab

Analysis of nutraceutical formulation briefs

For those clients who come to us with a preconceived idea or formula, our nutraceutical testing lab works closely with the analytical lab to test these customer briefs in order to validate the formula if it is complete. If the customer has provided a partial formula with ingredients that they are eager to include, our team works to fill in the blanks, providing solutions to combine the customer’s needs with the other ingredients and overcoming any technical difficulties that may be encountered.

Ingredient analysis

The nutraceutical formulation team, when examining a customer brief will analyse the ingredients listed to determine if they will perform well together to achieve the customer’s targeted health benefit. If this is not the case, this analysis will serve as a means to suggest replacement ingredients or plant-based extracts for those that do not mix well in the formula. If the formula provided in the client brief is incomplete, our team will use this analysis to suggest the ingredients or plant-based extracts that will be the most effective within the formula provided to achieve the customers desired result.

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Technical analysis

In conjunction with our analytics lab, a proposed formula will be evaluated on its technical aspect, for example, its compatibility for use in different galenic forms. Nutraceutical formulations will be evaluated on a number of different qualities including thermostability, solubility, flowability, density and shelf stability to name a few. For galenic forms that are affected by taste and texture, these elements are taken into account when the formula is under the microscope.

Researching galenic forms

The nutraceutical formulation testing team here at Activ’Inside dedicate a significant portion of their time to the research and development of our galenic forms with a particular emphasis focused on our gummies and instant drinks (sticks). As experts in the formulation of nutraceuticals our knowledge in this area is second to none. We pride ourselves on the delivery of products and services of the highest quality to our customers. Knowing that gummies, particularly vegan and sugar-free gummies, are an incredibly attractive medium for the consumption of food supplements means that our nutraceutical testing lab goes the extra mile in developing great tasting and textured gummies that will appeal to all consumers. This same consideration is applied to the development of our instant drinks (sticks) formulations with close attention paid to the taste, solubility and texture of the nutraceutical formulation to ensure the best user experience for our clients and their consumers.

Our galenic expertise

It is of the utmost importance to understand the behaviour of nutraceutical formulations in their powder liquid or gel natures before integrating them into their galenic form. Each form has specific prerequisites and for this reason we focus on the different behaviours of the formulation depending on each.

Our dedicated nutraceutical formulation testing team

Our brand-new state of the art testing lab is installed alongside our analytics lab allowing them to operate synergistically in order to accomplish any shared missions and benefit from each other’s expertise. The strong investment made in our analytical and formulation focused equipment is a point of pride here at Activ’Inside as it enables our expert engineers to go above and beyond in fulfilling the needs of our clients and providing the highest quality service.

Each nutraceutical formulation has its own dedicated team consisting of a project manager and R&D applications technicians. The number of personnel may vary from project to project but each is subject to the meticulous attention that we here at Activ’Inside pride ourselves on.

What other services is our nutraceutical testing lab involved in providing?

Our testing lab works closely with our quality analysis lab, collaborating on projects such as;

– Reports that validate the feasibility of the formula
– Industrial production feasibility reports
– Sample shipments

Why choose Activ’Inside for your nutraceutical formulation project?

Aside from our fully-equipped testing lab and our highly-trained nutraceutical formulation specialists, the unparalleled expertise we boast on both our active ingredients and our significant catalogue of plant based-extracts is the key factor that sets us apart from other formulation professionals. We have the ability to analyse our plant extracts in their different forms at a level of which few other companies attain making us the ideal partner in making all your nutraceutical formulation dreams come true.


If you have a nutraceutical formulation project and would like to benefit from our expertise, don’t hesitate to share your project details with us to be contacted by one of our experts!

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