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Gummy supplement manufacturing in today’s market

Gummy supplements are the standout rising stars in the nutraceutical industry and are rapidly becoming a preferred method of dietary supplement consumption. They have gained popularity among both children and adults due to their delicious taste and candy-like texture. The enjoyable gummy format has attracted a wide range of consumers, and the upward trend in gummy supplement sales is evidence of their growing popularity. As the demand for gummy supplements grows, so does the need for reliable and high-quality gummy supplement manufacturers. The market share claimed by gummy supplements climbed from 10% in 2016 to 21.3% in 2021, reflecting the modern consumer’s demand and preference for this galenic.

Why choose gummies contract manufacturing?

At Activ’Inside, we recognize the potential of gummy supplements and have invested in extensive research and development to become experts in gummy supplement manufacturing. We understand the unique challenges associated with producing gummies, such as precise dosing of nutraceutical ingredients and the proper use of gelling agents to achieve the desired texture and consistency. Our commitment to using cutting-edge technology and scientific research allows us to create innovative and effective formulations, producing gummy supplements of the highest quality that meet the needs and expectations of our clients.

Our equipment for gummy supplement manufacturing
Activ'Inside Manufacturing

Here at Activ’Inside we take great pride in our investment in our European made equipment that allows us to produce large quantities of superior product in a continuous fashion. European made machinery is known not only for its excellent quality but also their attentive client services so that in the case of an issue the machine in question is up and running again in a negligible amount of time. This helps us guarantee our lead times so that our clients receive the highest level of service and of course their product delivered within the agreed upon timeframe.
Our brand-new contract manufacturing facility, installed near Bordeaux, France, is a testament to our commitment to producing top-quality products for our clients as a French gummy supplement manufacturer.

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What sets us apart from other
gummy supplement manufacturers ?

Our expertise in gummy supplement manufacturing

Our application lab

One of the primary missions of our testing lab is to evaluate the application of unique nutraceutical formulas on specific galenic forms. Given the growing popularity of gummy supplements, we have focused our attention on this galenic to provide the most comprehensive service to our clients. Through this focused effort, we have developed an unmatched expertise in gummy supplement manufacturing.

At our testing lab, we take our mission of evaluating nutraceutical formulas seriously.

gummies testing lab

Our process

Activ'Inside Manufacturing

gummy supplement manufacturing


Formula analysis
– Option of stability testing available (evaluation during the formulation process, during storage and over time). Use of a spectrophotometer to quantify degradation in molecules over time.
– Option of HPLC analysis of formula
– Homogeniety of formula
– Water retention and sweating
Formulating / cooking
Once a formulation has been validated by our application lab, it will be prepared in the required quantities using our dedicated gummy supplement manufacturing production line.  The production process involves monitoring specific parameters based on the formula being used. Gummy supplement formulas are prepared as a liquid and ‘cooked’ until this liquid thickens to form a mixture called a “slurry”.
Depositing / moulding
This mixture is filled into moulds that, here at Activ’Inside, are available in two different forms.

– This system deposits first the coating material that helps prevent sticking.
– Mould capsules are then filled using a confectionary funnel system and pistons that optimizes product and avoids waste.

Cooling / demoulding
Once poured into their moulds, our gummies are left to cool in a controlled atmosphere (temperature, humidity and pressure). Once set, the gummies are removed from their moulds using a compressed air depositing system (rather than spikes) which avoids any damage to the product. This compressed air system is the first of its kind to be installed for a gummy supplement manufacturer in Europe.
Coating and stabilisation
In the gummy supplement manufacturing process, the coating step plays a crucial role. It not only provides an extra layer of stabilization for the product but also helps prevent it from sticking once it’s packaged.
Filling and packaging
The final step in gummy supplement manufacturing process is the distribution of the gummies into the client’s chosen packaging, ready for labelling and boxing.
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It is important to note that throughout our gummy supplement manufacturing process, a minimal amount of water is used only for a closed-circuit rinse cycle of the gummy depository system. We have made a point to integrate this minimal water usage into our efforts towards sustainability and eco-responsibility as part of our CSR policy.

In short, the following factors combine to make Activ’Inside your ideal gummy supplement manufacturer

Key factors

Our investment in European, state-of-the-heart manufacturing and machinery means that we boast an enviable performance capability


Our formulation expertise and application lab ensure that our gummies are of the highest “made in France” quality


Our almost zero water use in our gummy supplement manufacturing contributes to our CSR practices.

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