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Here at Activ’Inside a variety of factors combine to mean that we are singularly placed as the ideal powder supplement manufacturer for your premixed formulation.

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Activ'Inside Manufacturing



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Botanicals, Vitamins, Minerals, Amino acids …

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Our expertise as powder supplement manufacturers

Ingredient experts

Over the years since its inception, Activ’Inside has built up an unparalleled expertise in the field of nutraceutical ingredients, holding patents for a number of unique, branded active ingredients and signature extracts along with an impressive catalogue of botanical extracts of the highest quality. As a powder supplement manufacturer, we are ideally positioned to apply this expertise to the creation of premium quality food supplement. From this ingredient experience grew both our regulatory and formulation expertise that serve as the building blocks of our FastTrack formulation app.

Fast Track Formulation configurator

Formulation experts

Our innovative FastTrack Formulation tool uses a complicated algorithm to filter our comprehensive database of regulatory, scientific, and technical information to create an effective nutraceutical formulation in under 20 minutes. As a powder supplement manufacturer, we are confident in our ability to provide high-quality and versatile powder nutraceutical formulations using our FastTrack formulation app. Not only does this clever tool allow the choice of our own galenic forms but also the option to acquire the formulation as a bulk premix that can in turn be applied a number of galenic that are not currently included in our selection.

Our application lab

Every nutraceutical formulation created by Activ’Inside is subjected to rigorous testing by our application lab on its technical parameters with optimisations suggested if required. This application lab holds the capability to test and optimize formulations for galenic forms that fall outside our manufacturing facilities purview. This provides an all-encompassing experience for our clients and contributes to the creation of the nutraceutical supplement premix that best suits their individual needs.

Aspects that can be optimised for different galenic forms;
– Grain/particle size (if the powder is more or less compact etc)
– Solubility

Although AI manufacturing proposes a range of attractive galenic forms, our premixed formulations can be optimised for galenic’s such as:


Soft gels


Shots & Drinks

Our powder supplement manufacturing capabilities
Activ'Inside Manufacturing

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility is perfectly equipped for bulk powder supplement manufacturing. We take great pride in our investment in European made manufacturing machinery, known for its excellent quality and attentive post installation services that helps ensure our promised lead times, as any unlikely technical issue would be quickly resolved resulting in minimal delays. Our equipment dedicated to powder supplement manufacturing includes;

– An array of industrial capacity tumble mixers, supporting a wide range of batch which allows us a high level of flexibility where other powder supplement manufacturers would be restricted in their production capabilities.
Such machines blend the formulation using a 360° tumbling motion creating a more homogeneous mix than standard industrial blenders.

– An industrial sieve that controls the particle size and granulation, separating and milling any that exceed the stated parameters.

activinside manufacturing

In short, what factors make Activ’Inside your ideal powder supplement manufacturer?



Applied to our role as a  power supplement manufacturer, our company wide emphasis on innovation, quality and excellence results in a product that includes the highest quality ingredients, designed with the discerning input of our experts and manufactured with a rigorous adhesion to safety and quality in our manufacturing facility making our powder supplement formulations the gold standard.

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