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Activ’Inside Fast Track Formulation™

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What is Activ’Inside Fast-Track Formulation™?

A digital configurator to create your personalized formula

With results in less than 20 minutes, Activ’Inside’s innovative patent pending, personalised supplement formulator is an expert assistant in the creation of your future custom supplement formulation.

The ideal formulation for your future food supplement is one that combines the best ingredients at the right dose to create a blend that has an effective impact on the health benefit targeted. Through the intelligent filtering of an extensive, ever-growing archive of scientific and regulatory information, the fast-track formulation tool is your one-stop-shop that (with the help of one of our experts) walks you through every step in the development of your custom supplement formulation.

Fast Track Formulation configurator
supplement formulator app

This tool targets: How to meet your customer’s needs with your custom supplement formulation.

      • What ingredients to choose and the dose required for your custom blend, based on traditional use, scientific evidence and/ or EFSA claims.
      • The galenic form that will best suit your custom supplement formulation based on your specifications and your project’s objectives.
      • The health claims that can be used on the packaging of your future product according to the regulations of your target distribution area.
      • Any scientific evidence justifying the health benefits and claims of your custom blend.

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What are the benefits of our

custom supplement formulation tool?

Digital supplement formulator app
Ingredient recommendations
Filter available claims
depending on the target market and health application
Dose recommendation
Access to scientific evidence
justifying claims
Up-to-date regulatory database
Price generation

How does the fast-track supplement formulator tool work?

This innovative supplement formulator allows you to benefit from Activ’Inside’s analytical, marketing and regulatory expertise. The fast-track tool functions as a custom supplement formulation configurator that, as it stands, can be used in relation to two types of dietary supplement development projects (formulations and food supplement from A to Z)

Full service
Select your retail market to adapt the regulations
european country regulations nutraceuticals (1)
Choose your galenic form
Consult the scientific & traditional evidence, with available claims
evidence health claims nutraceuticals
The software will generate the recommended dosage according to the usable claims, traditional and scientific evidence, for your selected health application and countries.
Choose a packaging  which will be tailored to your specific needs depending on the choices made earlier in the progression.
The price is estimated, and the offer is directly sent to your e-mail box

It is important to note that the Activ’Inside Fast Track Formulation tool is constantly evolving to better serve our customers. Exciting things are happening here behind the scenes at Activ’Inside in relation to this innovative custom supplement formulation tool, so stay tuned for more!

Do you have a dietary supplement project and want to benefit from our custom supplement formulation expertise? Share your project details with us to be contacted by one of our experts.

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