Vitis vinifera L. - Glycyrrhiza glabra L. - Viniferin - Vitamin C
  • Active ingredient

Choose our plant-based formula, the new anti-dark spots ritual that associates proprietary science, premium botanicals and proprietary beauty claims. This patented ingredient, Belight³™, corrects hyperpigmentation and regulates melanin production combining the power of grape seed polyphenols, grape viniferin, licorice extract, and vitamin C for a brightening action on skin complexion.



4 powerful ingredients to regulate melanin production
Grape seeds flavanol monomers
Vitis vinifera L.  100% from Champagne area
Licorice extract
Glycyrrhiza glabra L.
Viniferin from grape pomace extract
Vitis vinifera L. from France
Vitamin C

Scientifically proven efficiency

Dermatologist approved effectiveness
  • Visible results reported by the dermatologist

    A dermatologist evaluated Belight³™ ability to brighten the skin using several parameters.

    • 100 participants. 80 women, 20 men
    • 44 years old
    • complaining about uneven complexion and dark spots
    • Chronic supplementation (60 days): 150 mg twice /day

  • Age-related dark spots decreased by 30%
    nutricosmetic ingredient age related dark spots
  • Sun-related dark spots decreased by 40%
    nutricosmetic ingredient sun related dark spots
  • Pregnancy Mask reduced by 27%
    nutricosmetic ingredient pregnancy mask
Physiological effects of Belight³ on the skin
Synergistic action to regulate melanin synthesis

-85% of tyrosinase activity

nutricosmetic ingredient epiderm melanin
synergistic action belight

Proprietary in vitro data

nutricosmetic ingredient melanocytes
nutricosmetic ingredient melanogenesis

Claims Doses & Galenics

How to use Belight³ in your food supplement ?
nutraceutical ingredient for skin nutricosmetic
skin nutraceutical ingredients
anti aging nutraceutical ingredients

Propriety beauty claims :

"Belight³ evens skin tone by 30%"
"82% of consumers who tested Belight³ noticed to have less dark spots"
"Even skin booster"
"Tested under dermatological control"

EFSA claims :

“Grape helps improve the overall health and appearance of the skin “ (pending claim)
“Licorice helps maintain good complexion” (pending claim)
“Vitamine C contributes to the protection of cells from oxidative stress”

need more claims ?

Dose &
galenic form

300 mg/day

Consumer reviews

Verified by consumer

*Consumer test under dermatological control on 80 women and 20 men, 150 mg twice a day during 2 months

82% results belight consumer study
of participants
94% results belight consumer study
of participants
considered the benefits
were quickly perceived*

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Formulation of grape seed extract, licorice root extract, grape pomace extract and vitamin C

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