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Activ’inside Contract Manufacturing services accompanies your food supplement development all the way to packaging and labelling. Packaging is a vital stage of nutraceutical supplement production as it functions as a medium of preserving the product quality and stability.

The ideal food supplement packaging combines several factors such as, practical functionality with an attractive appearance to appeal to your targeted consumer base. The final factor to be taken into account is the material from which your packaging is made. The modern consumer is increasingly environmentally conscious resulting in a rise in demand for more sustainable supplement packaging options. Here at Activ’Inside we have risen to the occasion by working to provide a wealth of environmentally friendly packaging choices in order to meet this growing trend.

Why is food supplement packaging important?

Our packaging services

Packaging is important for a number of reasons, not only is it an effective way to control your food supplement’s shelf environment, the methods or materials used in your food supplement packaging as well as the surface of the packaging itself, can be used as an effective marketing tool.

Shelf stability

Food supplements must be housed in a controlled environment in order to maintain optimum effectiveness. For this reason, packaging is required to protect its contents from environmental factors such as light and humidity which can have a detrimental effect on product quality. Special attention must be paid to packaging elements such as sealing and opacity in order to ensure the nutraceutical supplement within remains in optimal condition.

pill box nutraceuticals contract manufacturing
pill box nutraceuticals contract manufacturing


Your custom packaging will be a most effective marketing tool. Attractive packaging will draw the consumers eye to your product, enticing them to look closer in order to read any claims printed on the product label. Having product information displayed on the packaging serves to inform the consumer as to your products efficacity and enables them to easily identify if your product is suitable to their specific needs. To this effect, Activ’inside can put its regulatory and marketing expertise at your disposal to assist you in the definition of your custom supplement packaging messages, taking into account the approved and pending health claims associated with your supplement formulation and your targeted distribution area.

Our food supplement packaging options

Activ'Inside Manufacturing



Range of size options
– starting from 27 x 60 mm







Different sizes

– 75mL (capsules)
– 250mL or 300mL (gummies)


– White or black caps
– Childproof caps (gummies)


pillbox rPET supplement packaging

rPET Pillbox

rPET is PET plastic that has been recycled and remade into something new. Once processed rPET can be made into a variety of different products (such as food supplement packaging) contributing to a circular lifecycle and the recycling industry, keeping materials already extracted from the earth in circulation.

pillbox PET supplement packaging

PET Pillbox

PET plastic is a commonly used, highly versatile material that is favoured for its durability and resistance to chemicals. PET plastic is a thermoplastic meaning that it is soft and malleable when heated making it a material that is easily recycled making this a practical choice for any food supplement packaging.

sticks supplement packaging


The superstar of single unit supplements, its popularity having risen due to its practical tear open, single use format and compact design. Stick supplements are the perfect food supplement packaging format for those with a busy, on-the-go lifestyle, typically consumed dissolved in liquid as an instant drink.

Our food supplement packaging equipment
Activ'Inside Manufacturing

Here at Activ’Inside, ensuring our client’s satisfaction with our services is of the utmost importance to us. It is one of the many reasons for our investment in our European food supplement packaging lines for our contract manufacturing facility. The premium quality of this equipment enables to guarantee our lead time window with minimal risk of delay making us the food supplement contract manufacturer you can count on.

Our packaging quality standards are in strict adherence to food safety guidelines in our brand-new contract manufacturing facility.

activinside manufacturing


Pillbox line

Bottle filler – Visual counting system

Labelling – Digital printing system


Sticks line

– 5 tracks
– Laser pre-cutting
– Range of size options starting from 27x60mm at the smallest.
– Individually weighed to assure consistent filling rate
– Available from 2g – 10g


– Controlled laser print of product information
– Water based ink

What makes Activ’Inside the ideal choice for your food supplement packaging requirements?

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