Our CSR efforts

Corporate social responsibility for a business is the integration of social, environmental and economic concerns into their management of operations. Examples of such concerns include supporting workplace diversity and equality, reducing the companies carbon footprint and supporting their local communities.

A company whose core values align with responsible CSR practice has the opportunity of building on this existing foundation when structuring their formal CSR policy in a way that will develop naturally and evolve with the company as it grows.

In France, companies once meeting certain criteria are obliged to publish a yearly document detailing their CSR efforts, but if a company does not fall within this category, why should they invest in a strong CSR policy?


  • The Climate Crisis
  • Anticipate future risks
  • Unite and build loyalty among employees
  • Creates a responsible brand image
  • Saves money in the long term
  • Development of strong relationships with stakeholders who appreciate a strong CSR engagement throughout their supply chain.
The three pillars of CSR


Reduction of carbon emissions

Reduction of waste

Use of renewable energy

Sustainability efforts



Gender equality

Workplace health and safety

Diversity and inclusion



Responsible buying practices

Ethical business practices

Digital responsibility

Community involvement and development


Activ’Inside’s CSR efforts within this three pillar structure

Here at Activ’Inside we have the advantage of being a company whose core values align with good CSR practices and so it is with pride and pleasure that we work to develop our efforts in this area.

Our Planet

Preserving the planet and eco-system through our activities


  • Office waste management
  • Beychac 2: photovoltaic panels, Electric vehicle charging points
  • Sustainable packaging options
  • Subcritical water extractor
  • Cardboard compactor
  • Chlorine free cleaning process
  • Optimisation of water consumption

Our People

Taking care of our employees and progressing together

Social – HR

  • Thorough integration of new employees
  • ADAPEI Partnership
  • Advantageous working conditions and compensation
  • Remote work support
  • Employee development training


Our Science and Ethics

Innovations in science to improve mental and physical well-being

Community involvement and development

  • University and academic partnerships
  • Community of local businesses
  • Donations to local reforestation efforts

Governance and Strategy

  • Cyber Security
  • GDPR Compliance
  • Digital strategy
  • Scientific innovation


  • FSSC 22000 quality approach
  • ISO 9001 in Progress
  • Adaptation to market expectations
Activ'inside approach to CSR

International CSR Benchmark

The framework developed by Activ’Inside for the implementation of our CSR objectives is based on major international standards such as, ISO 26000 and UN sustainable development goals.

ISO 26000

Developed with the collaboration of 99 countries and launched in 2010, ISO 26000 shares best practice guidelines in relation to global social responsibility. As it provides guidance and not strict requirements ISO 26000 is not a certification, but provides a framework for CSR process and reporting.

Committed to your clean label positioning

Activ’Inside supports your clean-label positioning by offering natural, non-GMO, nanoparticle-free, organic, and vegan ingredients. All our extracts are meticulously sourced with respect to the Earth and its people. With our charter of commitment, we guarantee transparency and high-quality plant-based solutions to satisfy consumers’ needs for natural products.

irradiation free nutraceutical ingredients
GMO free nutraceutical ingredients
nano particles free nutraceutical ingredients
allergen and gluten free nutraceutical ingredients
FSCC 22000 supplements

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