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A journey of innovation and determination

Activ’Inside is an independent health food tech company based in the Bordeaux area of France, created in 2009 by three natural extract enthusiasts with a passion for innovation. Originally specializing in the development, production and marketing of natural active ingredients for the health food industry, as of 2023 we have expanded our focus to include contract manufacturing and private labelling services for the food supplement industry. Activ’Inside’s road from its inception to the present iteration is one paved with exciting discoveries and developments in the nutraceutical industry.

Launched in 2009 by our three founders, Activ’Inside’s journey began with an epidemiologic study on the effect of polyphenols on cognitive decline. This study was followed by the Neurophenol, International research program beginning in 2011, and after several years of development, the launch of Memophenol™ in 2016. Memophenol™ is our award-winning, twice-patented ingredient, rich in grape polyphenols and proven to enhance learning and memory. Today, Memophenol™ is the product of over 10 years of R&D, and it’s not over yet; we continue to research and explore its potential with exciting new projects planned for the future.

Our installation in our Beychac offices marks a point where after our growth as a company kicked into high gear. The following years were punctuated by the launch of our first Private Labelling range of supplements and the consequential growth of our commercial team, attaining a proprietary health claim for Memophenol™ in South Korea, and our sponsorship of the Alzheimer’s Research Foundation. The launch in 2020 of Activ’Inside Fast Track Formulation™, an innovative formulation tool, represented the result of several years of development and showcased our ever-growing formulation and regulatory expertise.

Activ'Inside Our story timeline

The product of extensive research by a dedicated team, 2013 saw the launch of our patented nutricosmetics ingredient SkinAx²™, backed by our proprietary clinical study. Thanks to the developement of our patented Tech’Care™ process, an innovative combination of extraction and encapsulation, Safr’Inside™ was launched in 2014.  This innovative active ingredient is the only encapsulated saffron extract, with the highest concentration in safranal, guaranteed by the U-HPLC analysis method developed by our scientific team. Today, Safr’inside™ is patented in Europe and the USA (as well as Malaysia and South Africa), with numerous clinical studies and extensive scientific support for its health applications. By 2017, our team had expanded to 20 people, and we opened our current offices in Beychac, along with the installation of our first proprietary analytics laboratory.

In the space of just four years, our Activ’Inside team more than doubled in numbers, from 20 in 2017 to more than 45 people in 2021. Our growth continued with our participation in the ‘Silver Brain Food’ research program and the opening of our office in Bangkok, Thailand, as a result of the popularity of our products in this part of the world. The launch of Belight³™, our most recent active ingredient, gave us reason to celebrate in 2022, along with the installation of our new extraction unit and R&D laboratory.

As of 2023, the launch of Activ’inside’s Contract Manufacturing facility and its associated services marks an exciting milestone and another surge in growth for our company. Now with a workforce of more than 60 employees and climbing, we cannot wait to see what the future holds.

Our awards & recognitions

Activ’Inside’s work has been recognized and awarded internationally.

Memophenol™ Ingredient of the year Healthy aging

Grape expert Winner Skin radiance

Safr’Inside™ Finalist Nutra Ingredient awards Mood

Memophenol™ Finalist Nutra Ingredient awards Healthy aging

SkinAx²™ Reader’s food supplement of the year

Memophenol™ Pharmaceutical product category

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