Grape Pomace
Grape Pomace
Vitis vinifera L.
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Grape pomace extract is derived from the by-product (skin, stem, pulp and seed) of french viticulture and contains a diverse range of phytochemicals possessing strong antioxidant properties.


Function: Phytochemical
Material Source: France
Active Component: Polyphenols
Labeling Claims: Irradiation-free, Clean Label, GMO-free, Gluten-free, Nanomaterials-free, Allergen-free
Certifications & Compliance: Vegan, FSSC 22000, ISO 22000, Organic certified

Grape pomace extract is a suitable ingredient for a weight management supplements, due to its traditional use in promoting blood circulation as part of slimming treatment and its high concentration of polyphenols. Grape pomace is known to considerably reduce the "orange peel" effect caused by cellulite and contributes to the refinement of the silhouette. This cellulite reduction and slimming effect is supported by an EFSA pending claim.  Grape polyphenols have also been shown in a clinical study to contribute to quicker weight loss than with dieting alone.

Grape pomace extract improves mental function and performance due to being rich in polyphenols that have great antioxidant power, helping the body counteract oxidative stress in brain cells.
A recent clinical study on young adults highlighted a significant effect on reaction time during attention tasks and an improvement in cognitive performance. A separate clinical trial indicated that grape consumption may protect from neurodegeneration.


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Health benefits

Cognitive performance : EFSA pending claim on improvement of mental performance. For scientific evidence select Memophenol.

Detox : Common Marketing usage

Weight Management : EFSA pending claim on slimming effect & reducing cellulite

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Health Benefits
Grape Pomace Inside EX 10-1
Weight Management
Cognitive performance

Traditionnal dry extract of selected grape pomace

Grape Pomace Inside

Powder of selected red grape pomace

Grape Pomace Inside CO

Powder of selected organic red grape pomace

Grape Pomace Inside EX 10-1 CO
Weight Management
Cognitive performance

Traditional dry extract of selected organic grape pomace

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