Our botanical extracts

Natural herbal ingredients for your food supplement

Botanical extracts supplier with
a range of premium plant-based ingredients

Activ’Inside is a botanical extracts supplier for your nutraceutical products. As a grape and saffron specialist, we developed a large range of vine-based ingredients (Signature Grape™) as well as saffron’s stigma extracts (Signature Saffron™). A wide selection of other herbal/plant-based extracts is also available in order to complete your synergistic supplement formula (Signature Extracts™).
Discover now our different ranges of natural & vegan ingredients for your nutraceuticals.

Science and traditional use

All these ingredients are backed by science & traditional use, and are rigorously selected to meet formulation needs dedicated to 5 health thematics : neuronutrition, nutricosmetic, well-being nutrition, healthy aging, and women health.

Botanical ingredients for food supplements

Highest quality

With the ambition of providing safe and high-quality ingredients, all of our extracts are free from GMO, allergen, irradiation, heavy metal, and nanoparticles. We also guarantee their bioactive molecules profile by performing analytical controls.

Moreover, in addition to our traditional offer, we provide a selected range of organic extracts.