Our product’s 98% natural trans-resveratrol content (extracted from Japanese knotweed) makes it a valuable ingredient for various food supplement formulas, including those for skin beauty, memory enhancement, cardiovascular health, and menopause.

Heart Health

Function: Phytochemical
Active Component: Resveratrol
Botanical origin: Japanese Knotweed
Material source: Asia
Labeling Claims: Clean Label, GMO-free, PAH-Free, Gluten-free, Vegan, Allergen-free, Irradiation-free, Natural, Nanomaterials-free
Certifications & Compliance: Vegan, ISO 22000, FSSC 22000

Trans-resveratrol is a natural compound that has been found to have numerous health benefits. Its powerful antioxidant properties make it an ideal ingredient in formulas for skin beauty, memory enhancement, cardiovascular health, and menopause. These antioxidant properties are particularly beneficial as the oxidative damage caused by pollution, stress, and other aspects of modern life can have adverse effects on these areas of health, among others.

Preclinical and clinical studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of resveratrol in mitigating age-related memory dysfunction and hippocampus functional connectivity. Recent clinical studies have also shown that resveratrol can improve endothelial function and lower LDL-cholesterol levels contributing to better heart health. In a similar vein, resveratrol has shown potential in  enhancing circulatory function in postmenopausal women, thereby improving menopause-related quality of life.

Our Trans-resveratrol is guaranteed to have 100% natural authenticity through carbon 14 analysis and adherence to PAH regulations. With a 98% natural trans-resveratrol content, our product is an effective ingredient for any health formula.


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Health benefits

Memory : Preclinical and clinical studies on improvement of hippocampal functional connectivity.

Skin : Well-known ingredient for skin health with scientific evidence

Heart Health : One of well-known ingredient for heart health backed by scientific evidence

Menopause : Clinical proven effects on improvement of general well-being

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Health Benefits
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Heart Health

Trans-resveratrol from Japanese knotweed

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