Safr’Inside™ is now patented in South Korea!

At Activ’Inside, we are delighted to announce a significant milestone in our pursuit of excellence in the field of premium active ingredients and food supplement solutions. We are thrilled to have recently been granted the patent for our renowned product, Safr’Inside™, in South Korea. This strategic move represents a significant step forward in our global expansion efforts, enabling us to bring the numerous benefits of Safr’Inside™ to the South Korean market. We are delighted to share our excitement surrounding this occasion and look forward to the positive impact it will have on our company and the well-being of South Korean consumers.

announcing our safr'inside patent in Korea

Expanding Horizons

The obtention of our Safr’Inside™ patent in South Korea marks a remarkable achievement for Activ’Inside. It highlights our commitment to providing high-quality, science-backed natural ingredients to consumers worldwide. The addition of this patent in South Korea complements our existing patents for Safr’Inside™ in Europe, USA, South Africa, and Malaysia. By expanding our reach to South Korea, we are embracing the opportunity to facilitate the introduction of the incredible potential of Safr’Inside™ to the South  Korean population.

Unleashing the Power of Safr’Inside™

Safr’Inside™ is an innovative natural ingredient derived from saffron (Crocus sativus) using our patented Tech’care™ extraction process, providing the richest extract of true safranal (HPLC). This powerful extract has been extensively researched and has demonstrated numerous health benefits. Its active compounds, safranal and crocin, have been shown to support better sleep, stress-management, well-being nutrition, and women’s health (PMS and menopause). With Safr’inside™’s most recent patent in South Korea, this ingredient can now be harnessed to enhance the lives of countless individuals in the region.

Safr'inside is now patented in Korea

Embracing a Positive Future

At Activ’Inside, we are committed to promoting healthy living and wellbeing. Our research and development team has been working tirelessly on the development of our active ingredients in order to help people nourish a more balanced lifestyle. By obtaining the patent for Safr’Inside™ in South Korea, we are taking a significant step toward fulfilling this mission. We firmly believe that Safr’Inside™ has the potential to positively impact the lives of many South Koreans, with its stress-management applications along with those for women’s health and overall well-being.

A Step Towards Collaboration

The obtention of the Safr’Inside™ patent in South Korea is also a testament to our commitment to fostering collaboration and partnerships. South Korea has a vibrant and innovative market, renowned for its scientific advancements. We look forward to collaborating with local businesses and fostering a mutually beneficial relationships that will ultimately benefit the South Korean population.

Meeting Regulatory Standards

At Activ’Inside, we understand the importance of meeting regulatory  standards and ensuring the safety and efficacy of our products. Having obtained the Safr’Inside™ patent in South Korea, we are taking the necessary steps to comply with local regulations and establish ourselves as a trusted provider of natural ingredients. By adhering to stringent quality control measures, we aim to build confidence among consumers and healthcare professionals in South Korea, cementing our position as a reliable and responsible company.

The acquisition of the Safr’Inside™ patent in South Korea is an exciting development for Activ’Inside and represents a significant milestone in our global expansion journey. With the introduction  of Safr’Inside™ to the South Korean market, we are enabling individuals to experience the remarkable benefits of this premium, natural ingredient. We look forward to collaborating with local stakeholders and contributing to a positive future for the Korean population. As we continue to grow and innovate, Activ’Inside remains committed to providing high-quality, science-backed natural ingredients that promote well-being worldwide.