Innovative nutraceutical Saffron extract for mood balance.

Choose an efficient saffron extract that associates proprietary science and premium botanical with neuronutrition & women sexual health claims. Our patented ingredient, Safr’Inside , is the only encapsulated saffron extract for the highest concentration of pure safranal acting as a serotonin amplifier.
Finalist Nutraingredients awards 2021
What is Safr’Inside™ ?
How to use Safr’Inside in your food supplement ?
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Mood & Sleep
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Healthy aging
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EFSA pending claims :
“Contributes to emotional balance.”
“Helps to maintain good comfort before and during menstrual cycle.”
“Helps to find a better sleep.”
“Contributes to relieve menopause symptoms.”

US validated claims by Venable :
“Supports a positive mood.”
“Helps balance mood changes during PMS.”

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Dose &
galenic form

30 mg/day

saffron metabolites
saffron international patent pending
The only encapsulated saffron extract
Sargol quality
100% Persian saffron (Crocus sativus L.)
European quality
PDO 100% European origin
Proprietary U-HPLC method
More than 25 compounds identified and characterized by our proprietary published U-HPLC method.
Innovative extraction process
  • Tech'Care™ Extraction
    The only encapsulated saffron thanks to our patented soft extraction process.

    • Protected from alterations
    • Preserves native composition

    richest saffron in safranal crocins
  • Richest extract in safranal

    • Safranal is an active molecule that acts as a serotonin amplifier.
    • 10 times more safranal in Safr’Inside™ than in non-encapsulated saffron extracts.
    • Analysis by U-HPLC.

    richest saffron in safranal
Central action

Balance brain neurotransmitters involved in emotional state.

-50% of serotonin degradation

safranal serotonine amplification

Proprietary data

Peripheral action

Control cortisol secretion, the stress hormone.

-44% in cortisol level

safron decrease cortisol level

Fukui et al, 2011

Modulation of the parasympathetic tone

Maintain homeostasis of the heart frequency during stressful situation.

Efficiency confirmed by Science
  • Fluoxetine-like effect
    Saffron efficacy has been also shown to be statistically identical to Fluoxetine and Imipramine, the main pharmaceutical drugs used to treat anxiety & depressive syndromes. These benefits are obtained without any side effect.
    saffron fluoxetine like effect
  • Proprietary clinical study on healthy people
    Randomized double-blind placebo controlled :

    • 56 healthy adults
    • 18-60 years
    • Non-pathological feelings of depression
    • Chronic supplementation (8 weeks): 15 mg twice /day
    • Acute dosage : 30 mg


    Chronic supplementation :

    • Safr’Inside™ improves low mood and social relationships.
    • Safr’Inside™ is bioavailable.
    • There is a correlation between this bioavailability and the improvement of psychological parameters.

    Acute dosage :

    • Efficient within 30 min
    • Safr’Inside™ lowers stress physical impact on heart.



    saffron improves mood and social relationships
Beneficial effects
confirmed by consumers

*Consumer test on 50 healthy adults, 30 mg/day during 30 days.

  • After only 15 days
4/5 results consumer study safrinside
Consumers are satisfied by the effectiveness* of Safr’Inside™
  • After 30 days
1/2 results consumer study safrinside
Consumers felt improvements* in Sleep quality
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