Anti-aging, collagen boosting nutricosmetic ingredient to enhance skin glow

Choose  an efficient vegan collagen inductor formula that associates proprietary science, premium botanicals and proprietary beauty claims. This patented ingredient, Skinax², combines the antioxidant activity of grape seed polyphenols, bioactive superoxide dismutase (SOD), zinc and vitamin C for a complete action on skin radiance.
What is Skinax²™ ?
How to use Skinax² in your food supplement ?
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Propriety beauty claims :

“SkinAx²™ increases skin luminosity by 25.7%.”
“SkinAx²™ increases skin elasticity by 8.5%.”
“Tested under dermatological control”
“Formulated by a dietetician”

EFSA claims :

“Grape helps improve the overall health and appearance of the skin “ (pending claim)
“Vitamin C contributes to normal collagen formation for the normal function of skin.”
“Zinc contributes to the protection of cells from oxidative stress.”

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Dose &
galenic form

150 mg/day

skinax grape SOD melon vitamin C zinc
New generation anti-aging formula
Grape seeds flavanol monomers
Vitis vinifera L.  100% from Champagne area
Bioactive SOD from french melon
Cucumis melo L.  100% from canteloup variety
Vitamin C

SkinAx²™ is the only formula that combines both primary and secondary antioxidants acting against different mechanisms that occur during the aging process. The primary antioxidants are the first line of antioxidant defense that inhibit the formation of reactive oxygen species (ROS). The secondary antioxidants act at the end of the oxidative chain reaction against free radicals that can have deleterious effects on skin. These four active ingredients were carefully selected for their synergistic effect in restoring skin radiance.

Physiological effects of Skinax² on the skin
Synergistic action to increase collagen synthesis and stability

+34% of collagen synthesis

skinax vegan collagen booster

Proprietary data

Regulation of melanin synthesis

-20% of aging spots

mecanism of action skinax dark spots

Proprietary data

Improvement of microcirculation

-19% of dark circles

mecanism of action skinax dark circles

Proprietary data

Efficiency confirmed by science
  • Proprietary clinical study
    Skinax² provides a multi-parametric action on all factors involved in skin radiance : skin elasticity, skin luminosity, skin color, melanin spot, redness/rosacea, dark circles (relief and color).

    • 35 women
    • 40-70 years old
    • Phototypes II to IV (Fitzoatrick scale)
    • 150 mg/day during 2 months


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    nutraceutical ingredient action on skin radiance
  • Dark circles decreased by 19%
    Visual test : reduction of both color & relief of dark circles.

    • Color : – 19,2%
    • Relief : – 11,7%

    before after dark circles with skinax
  • Dark spots decreased by 21%
    Skinax² regulates the age-related heterogeneous overproduction of melanin.

    Both color and quantity of dark spots are significantly reduced.

    before after dark spots with skinax
Verified by consumer

*Consumer test on 35 women, 150 mg/day during 2 months

82% results consumers study skinax
of women
2/3 results consumers study skinax
felt better looking*
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