The number of elderly people affected by cognitive health issues is expected to double every 20 years. Memory loss is becoming one of the most serious concerns of this population, estimated to reach up to two billion people by 2050. Lifestyle strategies such as nutritional interventions are gaining traction in the research field as they constitute a safe and effective way to maintain an optimal cognitive function.



someone in the world develops dementia every three seconds

The risk of dementia in major consumers of polyphenols is 50% lower

of consumers believe that supplements are effective in preventing or delaying the onset of normal age-related memory loss

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Vitis vinifera L. & Vaccinium angustifolium A.

Memophenol is a natural blend of 2 botanical extracts from French grape and wild blueberry. Twice patented for its synergistic action on bioavailability and neuro- protection, Memophenol is backed by 8 proprietary publications.


Memophenol significantly enhances short-term and long-term memories by improving neurogenesis and synaptic plasticity.

Proprietary clinical evidences

Memophenol was assessed by a bi-centric, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical study on 215 healthy seniors receiving a chronic Memophenol supplementation. After 6 months, Memophenol improved both short- term (+60%) and long-term (+38%) memories by reversing the cognitive age by a decade.


South Korean proprietary Health claim

EFSA pending claim

Rejuvenate +10 years of memory

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olive leaf
Olive leaf
Olea europaea L.

Olive is an integral compound of the traditional “Mediterranean diet,” which has been shown by several epidemiological and clinical studies to have positive effects on memory and cognitive performance.

Traditional use   Preclinical study

japanese knotweed
Japanese knotweed
Fallopia japonica (Houtt.) Ronse Dec.

Preclinical and clinical studies have shown that resveratrol prevents age-related memory dysfunction and hippocampal functional connectivity.

Clinical study  Preclinical study

Crocus sativus L.
organic available

Several preclinical and clinical studies show that saffron directly restored memory impairment. Safranal, a specific active molecule of saffron, acts on chronic stress by reducing the level of cortisol. As stress can alter memory function, saffron can also indirectly help memory function.

Clinical study  Preclinical study

Ginkgo biloba L.

For thousands of years, leaves from the Ginkgo biloba tree have been used as a common treatment in Chinese medicine. Today, ginkgo is one of the most popular herbal supplements, widely advertised as an antioxidant that helps prevent memory loss. Moreover, it has a synergic mechanism of action (neurotransmition) with Memophenol.

Health claim*   Traditional use   Clinical study

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