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From your idea to your personalized food supplement

Your idea
Looking to develop a new product? Or maybe widening your range of food supplement?
Do you have a particular objective, customer needs to meet, or a target market?
Send us your brief and requirements so that we can help you realize your project.
Fast Track Formulation
Thanks to our digital formulation configurator and assisted by one of our experts, you can create your own customizable and ready-to-use formula. Receive ingredient suggestions, dosage recommendations according to country, claims and scientific supports and an estimate all in only 15 minutes!
Ingredient sourcing
Activ’Inside provides patented active ingredients supported by proprietary science and claims. We also offer a full range of premium botanical extracts for your nutraceutical product. More than 100 extracts from over 50 raw materials have been developed. We selected the most beneficial parts of plants in terms of molecular profiles with guaranteed specifications through different analytical methods.
Galenic forms
We manufacture your food supplement in the galenic form of your choice: premix, capsules, gummies, all with a made in France quality.
Finalize the last phase of your food supplement development through our packaging services for a quicker entry in the market.

We provide additional services on-demand:


Analytical & stability studies

Regulatory files



Our expertise

Activ'Inside Manufacturing

Looking for a food supplement manufacturer with a made in France quality? The same values, capability and credibility that go into sourcing and delivering the finest quality of backed-by-science ingredients is now applied to provide you with a full, reliable, and economical 360° contract manufacturing service.

Our factory is using state-of-the-art equipment made in Europe to ensure that your food supplement is manufactured with the highest quality, security and durability.

Our private labeling possibilities

Activ'Inside Manufacturing

Depending on your objectives and your customers’ needs, we offer 3 ranges of private labeling to help you launch your own food supplement with a shorter time-to-market.

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