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Joint pain refers to discomfort, aches, and soreness in any of the body’s joints. Joint pain strongly affects the daily lives of people who suffer from it. Three quarters of them mention at least one impact in sleep, leisure activities, working life, family life, or life with a spouse/partner. Maintaining healthy joints is important as it relies on many actions like physical activity, smoking cessation, and of course a balanced diet rich in or supplemented by nutrients.


of American adults are affected by joint pain


of French people report having already suffered from joint pain

more than 1/2

young people with joint pain consider rheumatism to have had an impact on their social and family life

Ingredients solutions
saffron extract

Crocus sativus L.

In traditional Iranian medicine, the local use of Saffron extract with appropriate drugs have shown to be beneficial for joints.


Crocin, one of the main active metabolites of saffron, may help improve joint health and slow down cartilage degradation by reducing inflammation. Direct consequences are the reduction of pain and muscle fonction restoration.

Clinical evidences

Saffron clinically showed effectiveness to regulate mechanisms involved in joint disorders.

Health claim (pending)

Comfort improvement by +10%

organic available
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Urtica dioica L.

Stinging nettle leaf has a reputation for over thousands of years for treating osteoarthritis and general weakness.

Health claim*   Traditional use

Malpighia glabara L.
organic only

Our organic acerola is highly rich in native vitamin C, an essential nutrient involved in the production of collagen in bone matrix.

Clinical study. Validated Health claim

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