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Urinary Tract Infections (UTI) are among the most common bacterial infections affecting women with 25% of all infections. An uncomplicated UTI is primarily caused by an abnormal bacterial proliferation and is usually treated with antibiotics. Because of antibiotic resistance, there has been an increasing interest in alternative and natural solutions such as botanicals.


15 billion $

of women will develop at least one UTIs in their lifetime

up to 60%

will suffer from reinfection in the next 6 months

140 years

The effects of cranberry have been studied by scientists for over 140 year

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Urinary Health

Vaccinium macrocarpon A.

Cranberry has been traditionally used by Native Americans for the treatment of bladder and kidney disorders.


Cranberry could have a preventing effect against UTI. Proanthocyanidins found in this berry keep E. coli bacteria from sticking to the urinary tract so it does not lead to an infection. Indeed, this pathogen is responsible for over 85% of all UTIs.

Clinical evidences

The effectiveness of cranberry in preventing UTI occurrence has been confirmed in several clinical studies. Cranberry supplementation reduces infections in women who experience recurrent UTI. Moreover, cranberry juice or cranberry tablets with water intake are more effective than water intake alone.

Traditional use

Reducing incidence of UTI in women by 50%

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Urinary health
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Urtica Dioica L.

Traditionally used as a diuretic, U. dioica has also been used in traditional Austrian medicine (as tea or fresh leaves) to internally treat kidney and urinary tract disorders. A preclinical study highlights Nettle diuretic action.

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Cuminum cyminum L.

Ginseng has been used as a natural tonic for more than 4,000 years particularly in Korea, Japan and China. Moreover, a clinical trial has shown antifatigue effects as a result of ginseng supplementation. Our organic ginseng ensures a 100% pure red ginseng roots (no leaves).

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Achillea millefolium L.
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Yarrow popularly known as “mil-folhas”, is traditionally used in Brazilian folk medicine to treat kidney disorders thanks to its diuretic action. This effect was assessed in a preclinical study: a supplementation of yarrow extract effectively increase diuresis.

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