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Cardiovascular conditions represent a major health issue worldwide. Today, numerous scientific evidences have demonstrated benefits of high consumption of fruits and vegetables for heart health. Many nutrients are involved in the cardioprotective activities and the most studied are polyphenols.  An epidemiological study on 84,000 French  adults has shown that a nutritional intake in several classes of polyphenols is related to a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease.


risk reduction of cardiovascular related deaths thanks to consumption of fruits and vegetables


cause of death globally


lower risk of cardiovascular diseases with a diet rich in polyphenols

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Heart health
grape seeds extract

Vitis vinifera L.

Grape seeds are highly rich in proanthocyanidins (OPC). These molecules have been suggested to contribute to the phenomenon known as “French Paradox”, whereby a high consumption of dietary fats among the French does not lead to high instances of heart diseases.


Grape seed extract may help improve poor circulation (chronic venous insufficiency) and high cholesterol plasmatic level.

Clinical evidences

It’s well known that OPC inhibit LDL oxidation. A recent clinical study proved that OPC reduces atherosclerotic plaques formation. A 33% decrease of plaque score was observed under grape seed extract supplementation compared to placebo. Therefore, an OPC rich grape seed extract is suitable for preventing hypercholesterolemia and its consequences.

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33% decrease of atherosclerotic plaque score

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Heart health
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Cynara scolymus L.
organic only

A recent clinical trial has shown the beneficial effects of artichoke leaf extract supplementation on increasing HDL-cholesterol and decrease LDL and Total cholesterol in subjects with primary mild hypercholesterolemia.

Health claim*   Clinical study

olive leaf
Olive leaf
Olea europaea L.

Olive leaf extract helps to maintain a healthy blood sugar level. Several studies have shown the link between blood sugar level and the risk of heart attack.

Health claim*   Traditional use   Clinical study

Cuminus cyminum L.

Cumin is a commonly used spice, which has been traditionally used for the treatment and management of hypertension. This is an original extract for a heart health supplement backed by science.

Traditional use Clinical study Preclinical study

japanese knotweed
Japanese Knotweed
Fallopia japonica (Houtt.) Ronse Dec.

Japanese Knotweed is a great source of natural resveratrol. A recent clinical study has shown that resveratrol improved endothelial function, lowered LDL-cholesterol level. We offer a 100% natural Trans- resveratrol certified in the lowest HAP content.

Clinical study

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